Chapter Fourteen

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Yayy finally a chapter! Hope you enjoy and like i mentioned in my last post, the posting schedule will become completely random because we have no more pre-written material and will post as we write. Thanks!

*~back to the others*~

Sunlight streamed on the three Mindcrackers' faces, forcing them to squint their eyes. It was midday, and they were hot on Pause's trail. The signs were fresher and fresher, a footprint shown clearly in the moist dirt, indicating the route Pause had taken. They were silent for most of the way, the trio afraid of attracting attention from unwanted guests. Tensions were high from lack of sleep and food. Luckily, they had run into very few mobs, but no wildlife either. How far is Pause planning to travel? Aurey thought, looking around for more signs of where he has been. This is getting really ridiculous. Morning dew still clung to the leaves, glistening from the sunlight. They heard the rustling of leaves and swooshing of branches as they continued through the thick forest. Vechs had gotten out a spare axe and was chopping through foliage to make a path.

"How far do you think we are from Pause?" Jsano asked, breaking the silence.

"I dunno... Looking at his trail, most likely a good hours if we don't stop. Since he is wounded, it makes it easier to catch up." Vechs said, slashing down another branch with a fury, "And when we do catch up, I'm going to beat that idiot senseless for what he has done, the second I see him."

"Vechs, I don't think we have to go that far. We should at least let him explain himself before we beat him to a pulp," Aurey reasoned, trying to convince the angry Vetchus. Vechs just snorted in annoyance, and slashed at another protruding tree branch, grumbling under his breath. His bandaged wounds were stinging, but they had healed enough to not open up again. Jsano silently brought up the group's rear end, guarding for monsters or any other threats.

Aurey's body was aching all over, but she didn't want to complain. No one else was and she didn't want to hold up the group. Pause, where are you? She silently said. Looking at Vechs, she could see that his movements were getting sluggish and not as sharp as before. Turning around, she saw Jsano huffing as he walked, but not making any complaints. All three of the Mindcrackers were tired and hot, but didn't want to fall too far behind from Pause. Smoke billowed from a small campfire ahead, exciting the trio.

"Oh my gosh, we might've caught up to Pause!!" Aurey yelled, dashing ahead with a burst of energy.

"Aurey, wait! You can't just charge ahead like that!" Vechs yelled, running after Aurey.

"Wait up guys!" Jsano charged, running side by side with Vechs as they chased after Aurey. We might see Pause again! Aurey thought, a huge smile on her face. She ran blindly towards the smoke, ground whizzing past her in a blur of greens and browns. Her red hair streaked behind her, waving in the wind. It feels really good to just run like this for once.

"Come on you slowpokes! What's taking you guys so long?" Aurey taunted the others in a playful manner, spinning her head back to look at her friends behind her. She picked up speed, the wind against her as she approached the smoke. Up ahead, there was a small ravine, only a small crack visible. As Aurey approached it, she skidded, planting her feet into the dirt to stop herself, but it was too late. She plummeted down the ravine with a shriek. Her arms flailed wildly as she tried to grab a hold of something before falling to her death.

"Aurey!" Vechs and Jsano yelled, running to her at full speed. She had managed to grab hold of a small ledge of dirt that was slowly deteriorating on her. Aurey was slipping, only her fingers supporting her weight. Crumbs of dirt rained down upon her, falling into her eyes.

"Help me," She cried feebly. She tried pulling herself up to get a better grip, slipping back down inches from getting back up.

"We're coming Aurey, just hold in there." Vechs stopped next to the ravine and put his hand down, straining to grab a hold of Aurey's free hand. She reached up, attempting to grab his hand. Their fingers brushed one another before the ledge completely crumbled away and she fell with a sickening thud. Her mouth was agape in a silent scream.

"AUREY!" Vechs yelled, swinging at thin air where his lover once was. Vechs brought out his shovel and pick in a hurry and began to dig down to reach his dead friend.

"I got to get to her.. I have to." Vechs mumbled, digging dangerously straight down. The only thing on his mind was getting to Aurey, whether she was dead or not.

"Vechs, wait up! You can't go alone down there! Zombies could be lurking!" Jsano yelled, rushing over to him and began making a way down himself. At the bottom of the ravine was Aurey's body, broken and bloody, with a small pile of her belongings scattered around her. Her head was turned back at an odd angle and her eyes were rolled into the back of her head. Vechs stumbled next to it before collapsing.

"Aurey, not you. Why did you have to fall?" Vechs whispered over the cold, unmoving body of his friend. His sadness quickly turned to anger, trying to find anything and everything to blame. "This is all Pause's fault. If he hadn't run off like that, we wouldn't be in this mess. Nebris wouldn't be dead, and neither would Aurey."

"It's okay Vechs I'm sure-"

"And this is also your fault! If you had gotten here faster, we could've saved her and kept this whole thing from happening!" Vechs yelled at Jsano, his eyes glittering with hate.

"You can't just blame others. This is nobody's fault and there is nothing we could've done about it." Jsano said, obviously trying to keep calm.

"Just go! Get out of here and leave me alone!" Vechs shouted, burying his face in Aurey's shirt, refusing to look at Jsano.

"Now you can see how Pause felt! He lost all his best friends and saw them get ripped limb by limb by a horde of zombies! This is nothing compared to what he went through. You're acting just like Pause, and you say he's being stupid. No, he wasn't being stupid, he was being human. No matter what you say or try to do, you can never escape your emotions Vechs! So suck it up and be a man, defeat the apocalypse and save your friends, that's what Aurey would've wanted you to do." Jsano finished, his voice dropping to almost a whisper. "That's what Aurey would've wanted you do."

Vechs didn't move from his spot on the ground, but he had heard every word Jsano had said. Loud and clear, it echoed through his mind. He remembered all the good times he and Aurey had together. To pig races, to CTM map-making, to pranking, to just about anything. Even all their little adorabolical moments. There was one image that Vechs just couldn't get out of his mind, waking up from his fight after the first zombie attack, and seeing Aurey's tear-streaked face resting on his chest, eyelids fluttering as she slept. Her back rising and falling as she breathed evenly, lips slightly parted. Vechs tore himself out of the memory as he realized that she was dead. He wouldn't ever hear her voice or see her happy and alive ever again. Aurey was dead and nothing that Vechs did would bring her back. He felt something wet on his cheek, but it wasn't a tear, it was reality.

There you peoples go! dead mindcrackers are sad : ((( well hope to see you guys soon and thanks again for reading!!


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