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Illegal My Ass



Mia Hastings was never

one to follow the rules.

Her brother knew it, her

best friend knew it.

Everyone knew it. She

lives for the moment,

doing whatever she feels

and thinking of the

consequences later. Her

main goal in life is to live


Mia’s brother’s best friend

Drake O’Connell was never

big on rules.

The judge who sentences

him to 2 years in prison

knew it.  He is known for

being the badboy,

partying and womanising.

His charm, good looks and

obnoxious behaviour made

his life pretty easy and

his main goal in it was to

have fun. He had lost 2

years of his life locked up,

so he was determined to

make up for lost time.

So when these two people

are thrown together, both

without a care in the

world, issues of their own

and more secrets than an

episode of Pretty Little

Liars, you can expect a

story full of laughs, tears,

arguments and felonies.

They might be breaking

the law, but both Mia and

Drake are about to find

out that when it feels

wrong, it is ALWAYS more



i really love this book ! it's so fun to read and mia hasting is so good . i already read this book many times .THAT'S how good this book is . you should check it out !!


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