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It was a big day for the members of the band Ataraxia/Polar Sunset. They were going to have their biggest gig ever at the ampatheater by the Rivermarket, so it was basically a huge ass deal. This could be their big break, the day some record company would sign them to their label. This was it.

There were six members in the band: Alex the guitarist and leader, Hannah the drummer, Autumn the bassist, Katie the singer, Payton the pianist, and Sine the Rapper.

Since Alex was the leader she headed down to the venue early, with Autumn, to meet with all of the people who would be helping them out. They pulled into a parking space and walked up to the area with all the seats and shit.

Autumn checked her phone for the time, "It's almost noon, they should be here soon." Alex nodded and they both sat down in a seat and looked at the stage.

"I can't believe we are playing on that stage tonight," Alex said thoughtfully, "It feels like it was just yesterday that we were rehearsing for the first time in my garage.. And now, we are playing in front of hundreds of people, maybe getting a label to sign us."

"Seriously," agreed Autumn.

There was then a ruckus from behind the stage. A crashing sound was heard and the girls sprang to their feet and hurried to see what happened.

Behind the stage, two girls in overalls laid in the ground, in hysterics.

"Good golly Lorn!" Said one of them in a country accent, "You done right nearly kilt me!"

"Gee whiz Eve," said Lorn, "You was the dumby who tripped in the firstest place!"

They both burst out into laughter, or rather snorts, while Autumn and Alex gawked at them from the side.

Alex cleared her throat, "Excuse me, you are not supposed to be over here. There's a concert here tonight and we're trying to put it together so-"

"We'll what do ya think we're doin here!" Said Eve, "We're the goddam managers of this here institution!"

"Damn right," said Lorn matter-of-factly.

Autumn and Alex stared at each other, internally screaming. Autumn gave Alex a look that said 'suck my ass.' Then they both turned back to the managers.

"Well," said Alex, "Then lets get to work."


By the time they finished unloading all of the equipment and setting it up, Payton and Katie had arrived. It was hot out and all of them were sweating like balls so Payton decided to go get everyone something to drink from the rivermarket inside.

When Payton walked in she immediately headed towards the booth with the shortest line, a Chinese Food place. She decided to get everyone a Dr. Pepper, because hey, who the fuck doesn't like Dr. Pepper? Fascist, that's who.

Payton went up to the counter and a Chinese girl came up to take her order, "Can I hep yoo?" She asked with a thick accent (I'm not racist ok smh).

"Yes please," said Payton, "Can I get six Medium Dr. Peppers please?"

The Chinese girl's mouth fell open, "Say whaaaaaat?"

"Uhhh I want six Dr. Peppers ple-"

"Holy Ching Chang Chong! Why yoo need so many Dr Peppa?! That a lot of Dr Peppa!"

"Well I'm in a band and we're playing out there," Payton pointed in the area the stage was, "tonight and its really hot outside so we are all really thirsty and-"

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