Chapter 12: The Concert

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-Ava's POV-

"So what do you think?" I nervously ask.

Liam glances quickly towards the door then back at me, "It was brilliant Ava. I loved it."

"Oh good." I sigh in relief. I was so unsure about this song, well I still am. I've never written anything so heartfelt before.

"I'm really proud of you. It had to be hard to let all those emotions out." Liam gives me a halfhearted smile and pats me on the back.


"So how are you doing? Now that you've been able to write about how you feel."

"I think I'm better." I smile at him, actually meaning those words for the first time in a year.

"And do you know now how you feel about him?"

"Let's just say I'm a lot closer to knowing."

"Well any progress is good progress right?"

"Right." I nod in agreement.

"Come to our show tomorrow night." He orders more than asks.

I can't help but look at him like he's a crazy person, "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"We all miss you. It would be ace for us all to get together again."

"Yeah, but..." My voices fades off. I really don't know how to explain the situation between Harry and I because I don't even really know what that situation is.

Does he hate me for walking away from him? Does he want nothing to do with me? Or does he feel the same as before?

"You know, you could try being friends with him. You were such good mates before."

"I'm not so sure he wants that."

"What's the harm in finding out? Just come tomorrow. You can always just leave if you want to."

"I'll think about it." I promise, earning a smile from him.

"That's good enough for me. Now are you going to take me somewhere to eat? I'm proper starving."

"Yes." I laugh. "Let's go get some food."

Ten hours later, after a restless nights sleep and a still unmade decision about whether or not to go to the concert, I'm laying on my bed with a pillow over my face.

"Seriously Ava. Just get off your arse and go. You know you want to."

I hear Finn's muffled voice through my pillow before its pulled off my face.

"I think if it's such a hard decision for me then I probably shouldn't go." I pout, hoping he'll take pity on me and make my decision easier by just telling me to stay home.

"And I think you're being a wanker. Now get yourself ready and go."

"If Poppy hears about this, I'm telling her you made me go."

"I'm not scared of Poppy." He chuckles at me as he pulls me up off my bed.

"I have nothing to wear."

"Nonsense, your closet is stuffed with clothes. Not stop blubbering about it and move your arse!" He commands, pushing me towards my closet before heading for the door.

"And put some makeup on." He calls over his shoulder, "You look like death."

"Wow thanks!" I yell at him as he leaves my room.

I decide to just throw on whatever first catches my eye and not think twice about it. I don't want to look like I'm really trying.

I quickly settle on a thin black tank top and some cotton army green shorts. I add a simple long necklace and an arm cuff before slipping on some ballet flats.

I head into the bathroom and cringe when I see my reflection in the mirror. Finn was so right. I look like I haven't slept in weeks. My skin is pale and my eyes are dark. I add some color to my cheeks and make use of the concealer Freya convinced me to buy last time she was here. I was annoyed at the time being I hate spending money on makeup but now I'm grateful she insisted. Once I'm done I look a million times better and amazingly don't look like I'm wearing a pound of makeup. After brushing out my hair I'm ready to go. Well physically ready anyway.

I take one last look in the mirror before heading downstairs and grabbing my brown leather cross body bag, slinging it over myself.

"Don't." I say, the second I see Finn eyeing me.

He puts his hands up in defense, "I wasn't going to say a word."

"Sure. Just tell me I look pretty or I'm going back upstairs."

"You always look pretty Ava." He smiles, giving me a quick hug, "Now push on, you're already late."

"I'm going!" I say over my shoulder as I head towards the garage.

Thankfully the drive is a short one. Any longer and I would of had enough time to convince myself for the 100th time today not to go.

I head towards the back stage door and give my name to security. They let me in and point me towards the dressing rooms. The boys are already on stage but they aren't who I'm looking for right now.

I quietly push the door to the dressing room open, seeing Lou with her back to me, digging through her tools.

I walk up behind her and poke her in the back, making her shriek and swing around to face me.

"Ava!" She exclaims, grabbing me into a tight hug. "It's so good to see you!"

"You too." I smile back at her as she holds me at arms length.

"I can't believe you came! Liam said he's been trying to get you to."

"Yeah, I would love to see the boys perform, I'm just not sure how well me being here is going to go over."

"Oh Harry will be fine. Don't worry about the lad. Now let's get out there!" She smiles at me, grabbing my arm and leading me through the venue.

The music gets louder and louder the closer we get to the stage. Along with the screams, I forgot how crazy loud their shows were.

Lou leads me through a door that leads to the fenced off area directly around the stage. We pass a few security guards before the boys come into view.

Several girls right around us spot Lou, giving out screams to get her attention. She smiles and waves at them before I see several widened eyes take in me standing beside her. Crap!

I quickly turn my back to them, hoping I'm noticed by as few of them as possible. Who knows what rumors are going to fly if it gets out I was here tonight. Ones Harry wouldn't appreciate I'm sure.

I try to brush my thoughts away and focus on the concert. It's not a difficult thing with how good of a show the boys put on.

I can't stop the smile on my face as I watch them jumping around stage, singing their hearts out as they always do.

My eyes keep getting pulled in Harry's direction. He loves performing so much and it shows. I laugh at the stupid little dances he does, numerous memories being brought back as he does so. Harry's silliness was always one of my favorite things about him.

The concert is over before I know it, time flying by. I'm thankfully never spotted by any of them during the show.

Lou leads me back to the dressing room as they take their last bows, were we drop onto a couple of couches, both commenting on how it feels like old times. I start feeling a bit of nervousness, knowing the boys will soon be walking through the door.

Lou's phone starts ringing and she stands up, "Its Tom. I'll be right back."

I widen my eyes at her as she laughs, "Calm down love. I'll be back in just a few. The lads won't be here for a bit, they have fans to meet backstage."

I nod at her as she leaves the room, feeling slightly less anxious. I start fiddling with my hands, finding myself humming one of the boys new songs.

I'm interrupted by the sound of the door opening and closing. My head immediately shoots up, surprised Lou is back so soon.

But it's not Lou I find standing across the room, staring at me.

It's Harry.

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