chapter one. Baylees POV

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Today is the day. The day that my bestfriend,Taylor Caniff,who has been gone for 6 months is coming back with all of his friends. It's currently 9:05 in the morning and the plane will land around 3. I was so nervous because thoughts were rustling in my mind. 'What if Taylor has changed?'. 'What if his friends don't like me?'. 'What if HE doesn't like me anymore?'. The clock seemed as if it was going around faster than normal. Then the time came.

It was 2:30 and that's the time I had to make my way to the airport. I hopped into my car and drove the 15 minutes drive to the airport as my palms were sweating. There wasn't too much traffic so that made the trip go even faster. Then I pulled up in the airport parking lot about to see my bestfriend.

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