[Dimm's POV]

"Okay, 5 minutes break then we'll start again.." Victoria said and I tiredly flattened my back on the chair. Its already 6:45 and any moment from now, Mrs. Cel will call me to practice the dance in ice skating. Two performance in one day? That's hell.

"Hows your practice?" Amber asked as she handed me a bottle of water..

"Tiring.." I answered ang gulped down the bottle of the water until its last drop.

"Oh.. what are we going to wear in our performance?"

"I've called the staff and told her to bring the costume that we have used in the video.."

"Which one?"

"The red one.." I answered and called Matthew. He should be here by now with my skates.

"Yah! Matthew, where are yah?"

[Still in the house Min.. I can't find your skates.] he answered. I rolled my eyes.

"Its in my dresser."

[But your dresser is so big! Akala ko nga nasa boutique ako ng isang mall. Are you even wearing all of that?]

"Ofcourse! I wouldn't buy it just to make it a design in my dresser."

[If that's the case, I'm not buying it!]

"Hey! Don't change the topic.. Find my skates, I need it!"

[I can't find it.]

"Wait, I'll turn this to video call.." I said and made the call video call. "Yah! You're not even in my dresser. How are you going to find it if you're not there?" I hissed.

[Fine fine.. I'm going up there.]

He started walking upstairs and opened the door of my room as soon as he reached it. One more door opened and he's in my dresser now.

"Open the closet on your right.."

[Woah.. Why girls like you are very fond of shoes?]

"That's a girl thing that you boys will never understand. Now, the box with my name."

[This one?] he asked and showed the box infront of the camera.

"Yes that one.. Bilisan mo at dalhin mo na yan dito." I ordered.

[Makautos ka ah.. I'm still your--]

"Bye Matthew! I love you!" I said sarcasticly and cutted the line.

"Dimm, Mrs. Cel is looking for you." Audrey declared and pointed Mrs. Cel on the door. I mentally sighed.

I stood up and walked towards her.

"We're going first in Woolim's wardrobe to choose on the costumes that you are going to use then preparation for your performance. I recieved a call from Miss Samantha telling that Yuna Kim will be here in an hour or two." she said and I just nod. Few more walks and we reached the wardrobe. She swiped a card and it automatically opened.

The wardrobe's wide and filled with different costumes that was once wore in competitions.

Mrs. Cel started to choose from the costumes and I'm just wandering around when something got my attention.

"Woah..." I've just said. A rack of school uniforms got my attention.

"Dimm.." Mrs. Cel called out and approached me.

"Mrs. Cel, are these Woolim's?" I asked and she nodded.

"That was the past uniforms of Woolim. This one was 2003 then 2005, this is 2008, and that's 2009.. And the one that you are wearing is the latest." she said. She showed me the costume that she choose and good thing it fits on me. Hindi pa rin siya nasusuot ever dahil it still has its tag.

"Let's go?" she asked and I nodded.


"Dimm, this is Martha, she'll be the one to do your make up and Gellie for your hair. So guys, I'll leave you two to do your tasks."

"Yes, Mrs. Cel." they both said and Mrs. Cel left.

"Let's start, Miss?" Martha asked and I nodded.




"You know what? If you're playing prank--"



I froze. Literally.



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