Chapter 1

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You : as you.

Friend : as your friend.

It was the day you and your best friend went to a magcon meet and greet in North Carolina. It was your first time ever see in the boys in real life.

You's both put on your best clothes. " I can't believe we are going to see the boys in real life like omg it's exciting!!!!! " you said. " Yes it's going to be exciting and I get to meet the love of my life Cameron Dallas!!! " you's both jump around like crazy. You both get your phones and leave. You are dropped of by your mom and she leaves. " Wow the line in massive! Lucky we pre ordered tickets. " you said. You get inside and it was crowed with screaming girls. Some were crying and the show hasn't even started. You walked around for a bit and then the show started. You first did the meet and greet. You waited in line and got your phone ready for photos with all the boys.

You first meet Matt. He kept staring at you and your were shocked. You get a pic and go to Jack & Jack then Taylor and then Aaron. Then it came up to Shawn and Carter. You got a pic and moved on to your favourites Cameron, Nash and Hayes. You started crying and gave Cameron and Nash a letter and it came up to Hayes. You get to him and you start crying even more. He wipes the makeup running down your face and you introduce each other.

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