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"Oh hi Niall i didn't expect you to call lil ol' me"

"Why not love?" He asked sorta confused.

"Well boys don't re-"

I was interrupted by my 3 annoying friends busting in my house.

" Honey I'm home" My bff Olivia said.

" Who's that, and why did they call you honey" He said slightly sounding jealous. " just my friend olivia"


I was talking to amanda when i heard someone say honey I'm home. I may or may not have gotten jealous of them.

"Who is that" i asked.

"Just my friend olivia"

"Oh" i said embarrassed.

"No do-" She was interrupted by a crashing sound.


Kayla ( my other bff) was running around with a stack of plates when they fell." Got to go niall call you later" I said and hung up. " NIALL" All my friends said. Uh-Oh

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