Chapter 2: Meeting them

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Michaela's P.O.V

I woke up the next day in a warm bed... but it wasn't my bed.

I quickly shot out of the bed and looked down at what I was wearing, hmm female pyjama pants and a singlet. Not bad, brownie points to whoever dressed me!

"Do you think she's awake yet? she's been out for 2 days already." A random, mysterious voice asked someone on the other side of the door.

"I dunno man, is she even fucking alive?" Another voice replied sassily.

"There's only one way to find out." yet another voice said. Damn, how many are there?

"Are you awake in here?" A female voice kindly asked as the door slowly opened.

"Y-y-yeah" I replied shakily, by this time there was a kind looking woman, two youngish boys and an older boy standing in the door way.

"calm down honey, we're not going to hurt you, now, do you remember what happened a few nights ago?" The kind woman asked

"Not exactly, I remember walking out of the party, getting lost, but apart from that, nothing" I replied shyly.

"Oh, poor thing! Now were are our manners? You must be shitting yourself, it's not everyday you collapse and then wake up to three boys and an old woman surrounding your only exit" the older boy said slowly walking over to me.

I backed up , hit a wall,slowly slid down it, and.... Started crying... 'For fucks sake Michaela! making yourself look weak in front of three VERY hot strangers, and a kind, pretty woman! Good going!' I mentally scolded myself.

"No, No, don't cry darling! It's going to be okay! I'll turn against them if they even look at you the wrong way" one of the younger boys said keeping eye contact with me whilst moving slowly over to me, even slower than the other boy.

"Who-who are you?" I whispered looking at the ground.

"Baby, I'm Jai Brooks, and they" He said motioning to the people behind him "There's Beau, the old cunt, Luke, my twin, and my Lovely mum Gina" he replied pointing at each one.

"Together, we're the Brooks family" Gina replied smiling.

"Now, i've told you who we are, tell us your name babe" Jai said whilst pulling me up by my hand.

"I'm Michaela" I mumbled without giving Jai any eye contact



I'm giving myself feels RN and i'm not even a Brooks girl :') I'm a James girl ❤ ____________________________________________________________________________________

"Well Michaela, whatcha wanna do?" Luke questioned over happily.

"Calm down whore bag, maybe she would like to go home!" Beau replied.

"Watch your language around girls!" Gina replied jokingly glaring at Beau, which Beau only responds with a shrug, making me giggle (hehehehe, no)

"Would you like to go home? I think your parents would appreciate it" Jai said handing me my phone, I'm not going to bother asking...

"Yes please" I replied already texting mum telling her that I'd be home soon.

"It's got all our numbers in it, incase you need someone or you wanna come over and chill with my boys, because darling, you're always welcome here" Gina said walking out to the car.

"Thank you" I replied hugging her.


"WHERE ARE YOU?????" I screamed as my phone went to voice mail.... Again, It's been two days, were would Michaela be? and why wouldn't she text or call me back...

"Calm down, it's only going to make things worse" Daniel demanded, were sort of best friends now.

"Why should I? I don't see your best friend almost sister missing!" I scream at him, I couldn't help it, I cried.

"don't cry darling, I'll ask my friends if they've seen Michaela, okay?" he asked. He really is soooo kind.

"Okay" I replied wiping my eyes. I silently watched as Daniel texted his friends

"Hmm, one of my mates, his names James, he hasn't seen her. But my other three mates, they're all brothers, There's Luke & Jai, the twins, and Beau, he's the oldest. Anyways, none of them have replied yet, so there's a good chance they might've seen her, they might even be with her." He replied looking up from his phone. That put a smile on my face.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing!

"Hello?" I asked without looking at the caller I.D

"Chloe? It's Michaela!" The familiar voice replied.

"Where are you?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

"With some friends, i dunno where we are, but i'm safe, and we're coming home soon!" with that my phone died.

"SHE'S SAFE AND SHE'S COMING HOME!" I squealed to Daniel.... Poor guy!

"that's great Chloe!" Daniel replied before pulling me into a big hug! (Awwwwwwwwwww)

"Chloe?? I'm home!" Michaela screamed out through me house.

"Daniel? what are you doing here?" a random hot guy asked as he walked up to us behind Michaela.

"Well, you can't leave a girl whos best friend is missing, now can you?" Daniel asked sassily.

"I'm sorry Chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled running up to me and gathering me into the tightest hug ever.

"Where have you been slut?" I asked pulling out of the hug and raising my eyebrow at the girl in front of me

"With my new friends! That one is Jai, that one is Luke" She replied pulling out of the hug and pointing at two VERY alike boys.

"And i'm Beau" The random hot guy replied cutting Michaela off and standing next to her.

Can I just say DAMN BOIII!



I'm sorry this chapters boring, but I didn't know how to introduce the Brooks' into it....

hopefully, i'm not too boring and you enjoyed this chapter!

-Emily x


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