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I flew down to the solid body smirking, I slowly walked up to the unconscious soul "Ha! and you said I'm the one who couldn't kill the guardian" I said evilly smirking with a hand on my hip.

I quickly placed my hand near my mouth and blew black sand to the ice. The sand swirled the ice, as it melted from top to bottom.

"finally took you long enough" he said rubbing his temples "ha! at least i got her to lose her 'precious' memory" I said with a hand on my hip.

"Okay okay...plan B" he said "what the delle is plan B?" I asked...wait where did I get delle from?..

"'ll soon find out"


Every since that kiss I couldn't stop felt like we were the only two people on earth...

But I knew it was just because I saved her right? I mean its not like I or she meant it...right?



I...i don't know! I just don't think he loves what if he only fell in love with the old Elsa and not the new me.

I just got a message from the doctor and he said that I am never getting my memory back which I fell down crying in.

Punzie had only gotten so far to telling my past life--she's only told me about a girl named Anna? Being my sister.

I was really struggling though all that has happened so I just stayed on my bed staring at the ceiling...

"I wish I could meet Anna...maybe then she could tell me about myself" I said sighing.

"Maybe I can?" a mysterious voice said, I quickly got on my feet and went in defense mode "who's there?!" I said.

"Why? it's your dear young sister, Anna" Anna said, suddenly a shadow came out of the wall and became a girl with two pure black braids and a silvery black dress, her eyes as yellow as the sun.

"Anna?" I said standing up straight, I carefully walked up to her and looked into her eyes.


Memories started flooding in my mind that my head started hurting, my mind was getting out of control! I placed both hands on my head and screamed.

"Elsa! Wake up wake up wake up!" Little Anna said jumping on my bed

"What Anna Go to sleep" I said with my eyes closed, I felt her give up on my bed "But the skies awake so I'm awake" she said sighing.

"Go to sleep" I said slowly drifting off until "do you wanna build a snowman?" She said smiling which made me jump up "Punzie! come join us!" I yelled and she immediately jumped out of bed and ran with us.

"Hey guys watch this!" I said really amazed, I swirled my hands and frost started spreading everywhere.

"Wow! Elsa look at what I found out!" Punzie squealed, she started singing a beautiful song then her hair started glowing bright gold!

"Awwww...i don't have powers!" Anna pouted, arms crossed and sitting down.

Punzie and I felt bad so we slowly placed our arms around Anna "that's okay Anna, since me and Punzie have powers we can protect you from the queen!" I said happily "Yeah! and I bet soon you'll fin your powers!" Punzie said.


"ANNA!" I screamed crying, my parents were dying right in front of me because of a brutal fire, the house started getting bright because the the fire and I got scared!

My parents passed out, I slowly crawled over to Anna and hugged her "don't worry Anna ill protect you with my powers" I said unsure, Punzie was already outside with her parents.

I quickly froze the fire around me and Anna and ran outside but it was pretty hard because of all the obstacles.

I was running so fast I tripped on a fallen plank, I hit my head and passed out as smoke lifted into my lungs, I weakly opened my eyes and saw Anna on the ground coughing for air...

"I'm sorry Anna..." I said weakly then passed out" And with that I lost memory of my power...

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