Death Angel: Shadow Hunter

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Death Angel: Shadow Hunter

A Vanessa Hunter Novel

Death disappears under mysterious circumstances, leaving only a cryptic message: "Follow me into a Land of Eternal Night."

Vanessa uncovers clues that lead into a strange parallel dimension, where she comes across a mysterious being known as the Lord of Shadows, ruler of a kingdom called the City of the Night.

Vanessa soon realizes that Death has fallen prey to the Lord of Shadows, and must save him.

The Lord of Shadows challenges Vanessa to a game: if she wins, he will return Death, her beloved into her arms, but if she loses, she agrees to marry the Lord of Shadows and forever remain in the City of the Night as his bride.

Drawn into a dangerous game that she knows nothing about, Vanessa is forced to partake in the strange contest.

But the City of the Night is no laughing matter, and Vanessa soon finds that there is something very, very wrong in this city.

Will Vanessa be able to save Death before both the City of the Night and the Lord of Shadows engulf her in darkness forever?

A Message from the Author: 

Hey guys, I've been getting a lot of requests to post newer books in the Death Angel series and the truth is, I've gotten a little busy! So I aplogize for not updating sooner! But for now, I have something that you can read right now that I'm sure you will like!

Cate Dean, who is a successful and popular Paranormal Fantasy author has begun posting one of her books on Wattpad! If you liked Death Angel, I'm pretty sure you will like this her books as well!

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