Big Bad 8th Grader

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Yes! Top of the school! So much swagger I'm finally an 8th grader. I'm rocking my new clothes I got from my birthday.

Yas. My hair is Blue and fab.

Little children always look at me like I said a bad word to Mrs. Ouimet.

I don't care at all.

I find my friends, and we huddle up like it's like 10° outside.

The people I don't like always have the a tendency to try to usher me out of their circle.

Alice and I usually go over to the boys because we hate all the drama and cattiness of girls.

Also Alice has a crush on Nick...

I usually don't have much patience for anyone so if I want to leave or if I'm bored, I just leave.

Everyone has their specific people they hang out with so I usually group hop.

That's basically going group to group.

Alice is done with Adrian even though the drama was fun, I was over it by the time she was.

I still haven't found the guy yet, and frankly I'm not even looking.

I'm kind of over the flaunting and the winks and the flirts.

Besides, love is not the first thing on my list.

I'm more interested in looking good and getting good grades.

I don't strive to look good because I care what people think I just like fashion.

Grades are important because they decide my destiny.

Not in middle school, of course, but the teachers do make it look like middle school grades are the most important thing in the world.

I don't really have a group, I'm not popular, I'm not a jock, or a rebel, but I guess you can call me a nerd, but the thing is I have a life and school isn't EVERYTHING to me.

I usually don't desire for extra credit if I don't need it, and I always get mostly As and a few Bs.

Plus I'm a TOTAL procrastinator so don't call me a total nerd because I'm pretty much just like you when it comes to Good to great homework and usually Bs on tests.

I'm also obsessed with Starbucks, and Youtubing.

I have an account but I only have 15 subs so I'm hoping to get more yay.

So I'm kind of a #basicwhitegirl I'm just not stick thin.

So that's pretty much me yay.

- - - Hope you all enjoyed the Diary 2!

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