the bright light

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Hccup's POV 

It was a normal day on berk, the sun was going down and the terrors were singing. Me, my mom, and the gang decided to go on a midnight race around dragon island.

"First to circle around the island and back to berk wins. Got it?" I said.

"Yeah, but what about Fishlegs and Eret? Meatlug and Skullcrusher aren't the fastest dragons here." Astrid pointed out.

"Your'e right, I'll give them a head start. Fishlegs, meatlug, you get a 10 minute head start."

"Alright!" Fishlegs said happily. "Eret, skullchrusher, you get  a 5 minute head start."

"Fair enough." Eret said with a little grin on his face. "What about you Hiccup? You and Toothless would pass us within seconds!" My cousin Snoutlout chimed in. 

"I will wait 5 minutes then, Snot face." I said the last part with a giggle.

Fishleg's POV

I was half way around the island, when i noticed something very bright and blue. My first thoughts where 'Uh Oh, flightmare i should run!', but it didn't move. It just sat there. I heard flapping behind me, must be eret. Possibly even hiccup with how fast toothless is.

"Fishlegs! What's wro............" Eret started to trail off  when he saw the light.

Hiccup's POV

I was darting past the trees at extremely low heights, in till I saw everybody hovering staring at something. Then I saw it, a BRIGHT blue light sitting there. I flew up to Astrid to see if she was okay.

"Astrid! What is that!?!?" I whispered yelled. "I don't know, it was just siting there." She said scared.

"Has any one gone up to it?" 


"Well, I am." And with that I flew up to the light. It was just a orb floating there. I reached out to touch it but it got hotter and hotter, then the orb got brighter and brighter in till it was blinding. Then i blanked out.

Toothless' POV (Yes i had to do it.)

I hit the ground with a thud. I wasn't able to see any thing for awhile. When i was able to, I could'nt see my one legged viking any where. I tried to call him, but to no avail. 

"Toothless! Are you okay?" Stormfly cried out. "Yeah, I'm fine. But I can't find hiccup."

"I can't find Astrid either." She said sounding worried. "Ugh, what happened?"  Hookfang groaned as he got up.

"I don't know hookfang, but we got to go back. Stormfly, help me put my tail in automatic. "  Stormfly helped me with my tail. I woke up BarfBelch, Meatlug, and Cloudjumper, then we flew back to berk.

What happend to Hiccup and the gang? find out next chapter.

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