Sabrina's POV

When I ended the call, I stared up at my ceiling. Why couldn't you have just told him you love him? I thought.

I open the app Instagram and see a post from Amy. It was a photo of her, Luke, Katie and Carter at FroYoYo. I restrained from liking the photo as tears formed in my eyes.

I wiped them away, turned my phone off and fell asleep.

The next morning could've gone by faster but it really didn't. We drove through Utah and Nevada until we finally got to California.

I decided to text in the group chat although the huge time difference.

Me [1:30]: I'm in California! Those two days were sooo long 😐

Katie🍬 [4:32]: oh dang! 😂

Luke is 🆒[4:35]: nice (:

Amy❤️[4:35]: haha I'm glad you got there safely

Carter didn't reply in the group chat but he texted me in a private message.

Carter☺️[4:40]: I'm so glad you've made it. I miss you so much!

Me[1:42]: aw thanks Carter. I miss you too!! <3

Carter☺️[4:45]: (: <3

I put my phone away as we drove up to the house.

"Are all houses in LA THIS big?!" Sam asked my dad. I giggled at his question as my dad answered "Some are bigger!"

"WHOA!!!" Sam said excitedly running into the house.

I stood there with my mom and dad. Sam seem to have adjusted easily but I was still holding on to our Rhode Island house.

"Sabrina, do you want to help us bring in boxes?" my mom asked trying to make the move easier. I shrugged and helped anyways.

When all the boxes were unloaded, I tried my best to help my mom and dad carry in the big stuff like a couch or tv.

It took a few more days to unpack everything or have it the way my mom liked it.

Every night I would text my friends or skype them. Luke understood how nervous I was to make friends since he moved to Rhode Island in fifth grade.

"It'll be okay" he kept telling me whenever we were in a skype call. One night in June, I smiled at him. It was a different smile, it felt different.

On the Fourth of July I had a skype call with Carter, Luke, Amy and Katie. We were all setting off fireworks from different states. Carter was in Minnesota for family. Amy was in Washington, D.C. for vacation. Katie was in Florida. And Luke stayed in Rhode Island.

When Carter, Amy and Katie left the call Luke asked "do you want to just FaceTime?"

"Yeah, let's chat" I told him.

He smiled and I smiled back. We ended the skype call and in just a few seconds a FaceTime from Luke popped up on my screen. I accepted it.

"So how are you?" he asked.

"I'm good. We're just starting to finish up moving in. How are you Lucas?"

He laughed. "I'm am also good. And that's amazing that you're already in California. It was just yesterday I hugged you goodbye."

Luke was a really nice person to talk to. He was understanding more than I thought he would be, maybe that's just because we have something to relate to now.

"Lucas, who are you talking to?" A voice from Luke's house asked.

"Is it your girlfriend???" The voice asked.

"No! She's just a friend," Luke told the voice. "Ruby, this is Sabrina. Sabrina, this is my little sister Ruby."

"Hi!" She smiled brightly.

"Hey Ruby! It's nice to meet you." I greeted back with a smile.

"Sorry Sabrina, but I have to set up a movie for my family. I can still FaceTime but is that okay?"

I nodded. "Take your time."

He placed his phone down and Ruby picked it up.

"Luke! Is it okay if I talk to Sabrina?" She asked.

"Yeah it's fine!" He shouted although he sounded pretty close.

"How is your Fourth of July going?" Ruby asked me.

I smiled at her. "My fourth is going quite well. How is yours?"

"AMAZING!!" She screamed. "Our family had a water wresting battle and I beat Lucas!!"

I laughed at how excited she was. "That's sounds so fun!"

"It was!" Ruby smiled.

"Okay squirt, movie is all set up." Luke told her as he lifted her up and plopped her on the couch.

"Thanks!" Ruby said handing Luke's phone back. He say next to her as the movie started playing. Luke put on a headset and whispered. "Sorry about that."

"No, no! I love younger kids. How old is she?" I asked

"Ten." Luke told me.

Same as my brother. I realized.

"You seem like a really good older brother." I told him blushing.

"Thanks," he smiled. "I have an older sister too. She's just at college."

"Nice" I told him.

"Yeah! Well, I'm sorry to leave you like this but the fam wants me to watch Frozen with them." He said hinting that he needed to go.

"Okay that's fine. We've been FaceTiming for thirty minutes anyways. Goodnight Luke." I smiled.

"Goodnight Sabrina." He smiled back.

"You're ending the call." I told him.

"Okay. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight"


When Luke ended the call, I felt really happy. My stomach felt weird. Butterflies? I really didn't know. I was just happy.


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