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Edward pov

As Bella spread her wings she flew home I chased after her.

When we got home Emmett had a face that would kill he Alice must've told him her vision because he ran out the door and Bella ran after him.

Emmett's pov

I ran to the woods and Bella following me when I got there the wolfs were still there they saw me and grows and when they saw Bella they stopped,

A big res wolf turned human and looked at Bella staring at her. I growled and ran over to her. the boy stood stiff and he had a mad look on his face.

Then Edward came and stood on the other side of her the wolf tightened his fist and bared his teeth.

Edwards pov

I grabbed Bella and put her in my back the boy growled.

I smiled and ran home,

The Denali's are coming in 5 minutes yelled Alice.

I saw Bella's eyes turn yellow (means sad)

Bella doesn't like Tanya because Tanya likes me and she is always on me.

As I was about to run Bella's back to sooth her Alice grabbed Bella and dragged her upstairs.

Bella's pov

Alice pulled me upstairs and I showed her what happened.

She smiled, I just thought Alice was crazy.

She said that I could dress myself but she is going to do my hair and makeup.

Edwards pov

When Bella came down with her hair in a bun, and makeup but not to much,

And a blue spegetti strap tank top and tight jeans.

With a necklace that I gave her last year and it had the words always and I had a bracket that said forever.

I smiled at her and she smiled back, and said she was going hunting I volunteered to go with her but she said she will be back in a little while. there here yelled Alice. just then Tanya walked through the door.

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