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Okay I just need to write this down before I forget it I just made this up now. I DOD NOT GET THIS FROM ANYWHERE TRUST ME WATCHING DISNEY CHANNEL CHANGES YOU FOR THE WORST.

England: Alfred?

America: Yeah, Iggy, dude?

England: Okay it's just... Do you ever get that feeling that when you aren't around something you miss it a lot? You need to see them every moment of your life as be with them as much as possible? Do you ever feel so happy when you get near it and it just fills you up with an immense happiness? Do you ever feel like you just can't live without them? Sometimes wonder what they taste like and what they feel like?

America: -blushes- A-Are you talking about... Are you talking about m-

England: My homemade scones! Alfred, they confuse me and mess with my emotions.

America: (=゚ω゚)ノ Senpai Y U Do Dis To Meh.

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