A Sudden Realization

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Lisa's POV:

How long has he been carrying me for? I felt around his waist and felt something hard and cold and metal in the waistband of his pants. "Don't touch that!" he yelled. "Why not?" I asked. "just don't," he said. Ok. Now I was curious. "Can you put me down?" I asked. He nodded and set me on the ground. I lunged to his waistband and knocked the metal thing on the ground. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a gun. "WHY DO YOU HAVE A GOD DAMN GUN!?" I asked. "I can explain!" he said. "wait" I said. I had a sudden realization. "what is your name?" "uuh, мαχ," he said. "what is yours?" he asked. "Lisa." "So why do you have a gun?" I asked. "well," he said, "I'm being chased by a secret organization called Tripple Black." "And they spell the name with two p's for some reason, and it looks like this." he got a pen and paper out of his pocket and wrote something down on it. It read: тяiрргε βгαсκ. "It looks really weird," I said. "Funny joke. What's the real reason?" "that is the real reason!" he exclaimed. I didn't believe him.

Max's POV:

Of course she didn't believe me, it sounded fake. But it wasn't. After about three ours, we made it to my house. I introduced Lisa to my parents and we kinda just went to bed. I dreamt that there was an army of black vans, that all read the characters: тяiрргε βгαсκ on them. They sent out men with rocket launchers and blew up my house, killing everyone inside. I suddenly woke up, in cold sweat. And when I woke, Lisa was in my bed... I just decided to role with it. It was a nice feeling, sleeping in the same bed as a girl. I didn't even know who she was, yet, I felt like I knew her from somewhere, but where? I hadn't slept in the same bed with a girl for... two years. That's it! I knew Lisa from two years ago, I saved her from rape! so I guess that's why she was like, in LOVE with me and crap. Although I wasn't sure I felt the same way back. I guessed that only time would tell. All I could think of was that this would end poorly, probably in Lisa's death, because of my own selfish needs. IDE tell her in the morning what must happen, for her own safety.

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