Dance Powder and Bye Ace

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When Ace left everyone cried and still had a hard time believing that Ace was Luffy's older brother. After watching Ace take care of those huge ships that tried to take him out she said,"I have the feeling Ace was not like this in the past." Leaving the group to go back to the girl's room she heard Ussop ask,"What do you mean about that !"

She put on the extra clothes but she doubted that the bright sun would even burn her skin. She had over heard that they would be going to Yuba. Vivi wanted to stop this war so Luffy was not allowed to beat the living tar out of them.

A little later, Noon

"This place is called 'Green City' its more like a wasteland," She said looking around at the crumbling buildings and sagging palm trees that spoke they needed water. "We still have to walk Northwest for half a day !" Vivi pointed out. As the others poured over the map she walked over to the water deprived trees.

Making a gesture some of the water floated out of the sea and stopped in front of her. With two hands she made a gripping and pulling motion as the salt was extracted from the water. Now salt free she gave the wilted plants a drink of water. "There you go guys," She said with a smile. The trees seemed better to what she could feel from them.

"What the heck is that ! A turtle !?" Yussop screamed. "That's a Kung Fu Dungong !" Vivi yelled. Half a second later the seal and turtle cross looking animal beat the long nosed chicken with one punch. "That's pathetic," She said. Luffy however won as fast as Yussop lost. Luffy got a whole flock of disciples.

Chopper ended up speaking to the sea creatures. It seemed from what they overheard that they would follow Luffy into the desert but were convinced by food to stay. "Then I'd just bring them along," She heard Luffy say. "Are you a idiot Luffy !? If they followed you into the desert they would have died !"

"How did you know that Aya ?" Vivi asked her. "One I could understand what they were saying," She pointed out.

Vivi continued on how this town survived. It used to store the occasionally rain since the water was sea water. "Yeah I could tell from the trees that this place used to be full of plant life," She whispered sadly. She felt sorry for the plants here, What she had learned from them was what happened in the past.

Vivi told them of the three years ago incident. Dance powder was being delivered to the King. The Green Powder was commonly called,"The powder that calls forth the rain' It was artificially made by a country like Vivi's, it rarely got rain. But this was a blessing in disguise, It stole rain from what would normally go to another country.

Wars were raged, Lives were lost so it became banned to have and create the stuff.  Luffy did not seem to realize it was Crocidile's fault because he told Vivi that her Dad was evil only to be kicked on the head by Sanji. 

Luffy soon announced they needed to hurry because his fists were antsy.

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