Chapter 7

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"You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories." (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

My anxiety level was sky high as we made our way back into town. Tyrael left and I had not said a word to Imperius since. I knew he hated my guts. So what did someone like me say to the almighty angel? Keeping my mouth shut seemed a much better idea. Also, what did one do to make someone despise them less? I restrained myself from pulling my hair out as I became so very frustrated that I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

Luckily, it was not very late when we arrived at the inn. There were still some men drinking and chitchatting away loudly. I led Imperius inside and went straight to the inn keeper. She looked up nervously at the intimidating man behind me. I sighed softly, hoping that while we were here, there would be no troubles. Some men were already staring, with us carrying weapons and all. The last thing I needed was troublesome attention.

"I need another room for my... friend here, please," I gestured to Imperius and the old lady's face softened slightly.

She nodded and gave me a key, "He can have that one next to yours. The rest are all taken. Some caravan people arrived this afternoon, you see." She smiled kindly.

Great, that shared bathroom. This cannot get any better. I was dead set that the Gods, if there was any, were punishing me. I suppressed my groan and thanked the lady, not forgetting to order some food before making my way upstairs, Imperius trailing closely behind me.

I took him inside his room and we surveyed it quietly. The room was almost the same as mine, only a mirrored image.

"So... this is your room for the time being," breaking the silence first, I walked to another door inside the room and opened it, "This is the bathroom and we both have access to it. My room is just on the other side of this"

I pointed as he looked into the bathroom and followed my finger. He still had not said a single word since Tyrael left. I wondered if he understood all of this or it was too overwhelming for him. There was nothing that could be of use for me to analyse his mood. All I could see was his thin lips and clean shaven chin with the help of lights inside his room which still didn't give me much expression to work on. I guessed we'd know soon enough.

I pulled my hood down relaxing a little and crossed my arms. "We won't be staying in this town for long. I actually planned to move on tomorrow but since you are here, we will leave the next day. I do not wish to rush you around. So please, get some rest and we will plan our journey in the morning."

Wanting to give him his room key, I walked over and stretched out my arm. He then pulled his hood to reveal his face, much to my surprise and I looked up only to stare blankly into his features.

I did not expect him to look so young. Tyrael, as a mortal, looked to be at least ten years older than I was. Imperius, on the other hand, did not look more than five years more than me. His dark shade of blonde hair was just visible due to it being very short. His mildly strong jaw line perfectly suited and complimented his oval shape face. What had me gawking was his icy piercing blue eyes which stood out more than anything I had seen in my entire life. His long beautiful lashes and dark brows only made them more prominent. For a moment, he stared right back into mine and I just froze in place.

A faint knock sounded from my room and I quickly recovered my composure realising that I was holding my breath. I dropped the key into his large palm and averted my eyes from his face. I needed to get out of there fast or otherwise, I'd die suffocating myself. 

"I-I think that's food." Another knock on his door this time, confirming that indeed our food was delivered. I went to open his door and brought some stew to his table.

"Here... I assumed you might be hungry by now. I'd better go and have mine before it gets cold." I left without any more instructions, forgetting that he may have questions to ask about those things he just learned.

Once I was in my room, I started eating my late dinner but every now and then finding myself lost in my own thoughts as those blue eyes reappeared in my mind.


I looked at the key in my hand and then the bowl of food on the table. Tyrael warned me that at times I would feel some sort of pain in my stomach indicating that it was hunger. To cure this pain, I needed to eat. As I did not feel anything painful there just yet, I ignored the bowl and left my key next to it. 

Walking towards the window, I surveyed the world outside. It was dark everywhere and the atmosphere was not one I would trust. So, this was called the night. I gazed up at the sky above, staring at darkness-tampered-otherwise pure white clouds. Things were all very foreign to me... even the nephalem.

I was sure it was the vessel form I was in that made me see her differently. There was some odd things stirring within me when she came near. Up close, her dark straight hair looked silky and soft, her nose was perfectly proportioned to her facial features, her red full lips would be perfect if not for the small cut scar just a touch from the corner of her top lip. Her sharp green eyes were ones that would not miss anything and had already seen so much in her short life. I remembered witnessing her eyes glowing in the battles but they were not just now. Sadly, there was no innocence left in them but vengeance and determination.

Sighing quietly, I started to take off my armour and clothing leaving them on the table when softly, a click noise came from the other side of the room. I searched for the source and realised it was inside the place called bathroom. Curiously, I strode over and pushed open the door, only to be greeted with the nephalem, without her armour, in the middle of taking off her underclothes. She did not waste any time and covered herself back up as soon as she heard me by the door, her cheeks flushed bright red. Why, her expression and action gave me strangest feeling. Never before, have I seen her so vulnerable. 

"Er... I-I will let you use it first," she stuttered. A second later, she merely picked up all her scattered things on the floor and left the room hurriedly. Not in need of using it just yet but I wondered why she left so quickly. 

A/N: Note to all, I know that the cover picture is of someone who has blonde hair but Astraea is a dark haired woman. I am truly sorry about this if you already had that image in your mind. If you play Diablo 3, the female demon hunter has dark hair as well and I'd like the girl to have description as close to that if possible (see the picture). Now as for Imperius, we don't know what he really looks like so you are free to imagine any hot male figure of your choice xD 

While I was writing this chapter, I had trouble describing the features of the characters. I blame my broken English but I also hope that it wasn't all bad. I also would like to hear some feed backs on that as well.

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