Leave her Alone

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as we walked on stage i thought i saw chris motionless and tj bell. no must be a figment of my imagination. no way they would be here. their all back in scranton right? jesus if their here and i fuck up im gonna cry. i heard the announcer saying our name sbut i zoned out. right there next to where my bass was was the fucking Joshua Balz?!?! we made eye contact and i almost cried.


"haha that was fucking awesome guys!!!!* i said high fiving everyone. 

"yeah i know right?!" 

"we need to do this more often" 

"the crowd was fucking wild tonight!"

I laughed "i know right?!?!?!!?" 

i felt a tap on my shoulder and thinking it was a fan i said "hey love we will be out in there in a few minutes so we can segn stuff and hang with you guys okay? just let us relax for a minute" without turning around. 

i heard a mans voice say quietly "oh okay i was just gonna see if you wanted to get a cup of cofee after a set like that" and i heard them turn to walk away.

i spun around so fast i nearly fell "WAIT. I know that voice anywhere. your Josh Balz."

he blushed bright red. "oh i didnt know you knew who i was." 

"of course i do. your band is fucking boss. why else would i be wearing all black contacts?"  i said laughing. he just blushed. 

"so do you wanna go get coffee or ?" he asked trailing off. 

"Oh!" i said looking back at my band. "Yeah i can miss one day of hanging out with fans"

"oh cool" he said smiling 

"Guys! i'm leaving!" i yelled back at them.  

i smiled at josh and we walked away hearing Lexi shout at me "is that Josh fucking Balz?!?!?!" 

i just laughed and kept walking. 

we got in the car and josh said quietly, "where should we go? im from scranton i dont really know cali" 

i laughed and said "here just go up the road. theres a mom and pop coffee shop that not many people hit up. we can have a little bit of privacy."  

we drove for a few minutes and walked in. 


"Hi mrs.Bokan!" 

"did you just get done with a show?"

"yeah was rocket there?"

"of course! you guys are his favorite band" 

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