...As time passed I can't help but to remember and think about what had happened. Everyone and everything reminds me of him.





The wake was just a blur.

It was an open casket so I saw his face and stuff.

He looked like he was smiling.

And It just made me cry so god damm much.

I am glad he went happy though.

I'm not glad he went.

But at least he went happy.




I put on my black lace dress with no sleeves. And my black heels.

It is the day of the funeral.

I'm honestly not looking forward to it.

I sat on the stool I front of my grandpas coffine. 'Why?' I thought.

Why was he. HE out of everybody taken!

I put my head in my arms and just cried.

I felt a hand on my back. I look up and see my brother. He had tears brimming but he was staying strong I could tell.

"It's okay" he said and picked me up by my arm and brought me to the front pue and waited for the priest to start.

I just kept crying and didn't say a word. I haven't spoken since that day.

I just find it too hard.

Sam gave her speech she wrote and her poem.

My brothers and some other family members all got up and helped carry the casket out.

We walked to the car and i just sat there looking at the window.

We got to the cemetery and walked to where my grandpas grave was.

It was deeper because my grandma wants to also be buried with him.

They stood there as people started talking.

I just stared in space not really focusing on anything.

Out of the Corner of my eye I saw something fly.

I looked and saw a white butterfly flying around then landed on my grandpas casket.

That was my grandpa.



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