Chapter 1 The name

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I was at my house with my friend's Andrew James, Kent Ogasawara, Mark Lajara, Justin Silva.We were making videos and I said whats the point of making videos. Andrew said, that we should make a youtube channel. We all agreed but what we needed was a name it was hard for finding the name. But finally we all had a chance to make a name. I said, Big Boys ,but none of them agreed. Andrew chose the name. April boyz. Justin chose the name, April boys not boyz. Kent did not have any name. But Mark A.K.A chose the name Average Bros and we all agreed. 

It was alright and we made the picture/avatar for the name. It was alright and it was actually a competition for having to name it. I made it in heres the link you should try it cause its good for making an avatar. We are planning to make or start posting videos on our birthday we are all april exept Kent. If you want to know whens our birthdays. I'd like this story to have at least 15 or above likes. Im sorry if its too short though But I'll make shure the next chapter to have a longer story.

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