Rina:AHHHHHH!I got in!I'm IN.I'm going to audition in the 80th Generation finals!Kyaaaa!

Mom:Rina,do your homework first before you watch those videos of your favorite idols.



Mom:Atsura,is that real?

Dad:Are you serious in joining that group?

Atsura:Mom,Dad,I'm sure in joining 00.It's been my dream since I was young.And now,I have this only opportunity to make my dreams come true.Mom,did you forgot what Acchan and Nagisa-chan said before.They will make our dreams come true.To shine brighter than before.So please, permit me to join AKB0048.Onigaishimasu!

Atsura's parents stared at each other as if talking through their eyes.

Mom:I think you are in the right age to decide for yourself.

Dad:So,we will permit you to join AKB.


Mom:In 2 conditions.When you and your friend become a successors,your first live performance should be here.

Atsura:How sweet of you,Mom.

Dad:Second condition...You have to take care of yourself when you become an understudy and you must not forget that you became an idol to make others find their dream and smile.

Atsura:I promise that I will take care of myself and I also promise to do the conditions you gave me.

Our family hugged each other but we stopped when Karen came...

Karen:Are you ready to go Atsura?

Atsura:Excited much?

I grabbed my bag and kissed my father and mother.

Atsura:Bye mom.Bye dad.Daisuki.I promise that I will do your conditions.Take care!

Mom:Take care,baby girl.

We went to the station and looked for our ship.When we got in,we're so amazed because you can see the whole view of the Lancastar and there are so many auditionees here.

Karen:Let's explore the ship.

We went to our room and left our things there.We went to every room that we saw and of course,we are so happy.

Girl:What are you doing in my room?

Atsura:Oh,sorry.We didn't mean to intrude i---   O v O You're a model?

I said while looking at the poster beside the door.The model in the poster is just like her.


She saw the poster and she ripped it off on the wall.

Girl:I was...a model.Now,I'm going to pursue my dream to become an idol.

Karen and I looked at each other and smiled.An auditionee just like us.

Atsura:I'm Fujibayashi Atsura.Nice to meet you.

Karen:Iwata Karen.Pleased to be with you.

Girl:Matsuri Rina.

We shook each others hand.

Rina:So,the two of you are auditionees also.

Karen:That's right.We came from Angolastar a country from Lancastar.

Rina:I came from Atamistar.

Atsura:Why did you decide to be an idol,Rina?

Karen:Atsura,that is too personal question.

Rina:It's okay.My answer to your question is simple.I just want to improve my ability and share it to everyone.That's all.

We talked so much that we didn't notice that we already arrived at Akibastar.

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