chapter tooooo

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oh look ur awake im nurse madison just call me madi..

look where am I

oh sweetiee ur in the hospital u got beat up pretty bad and u had major blood lo-

look wheres my mom

(her parents are divorced and sometimes her dad comes to rape her and her mom is a drug and alcohol addict)

she was here awhile ago but thenn left what about my brother

(o2l also comes in this story her brother is sam)

he is coming are u hungry ir anthing if u want you can go to sleep again

oh thanks

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and after awhile I find myself going to a deep sleep


guys valeries in the hospital her bullies hit her too hard

(he knows cuz he saw on the other side of the street)

kian-fine fine but u owe me I woke up from a nap for this

well maybe if u kelnew the reason why but LETS GOO VAMOOSE

*skips ride*

oops CLIFFHANGER sorry my bishes yall sre now my bishes aight soo im looking for parts and if u think the story is about cam it isnt I haven't decided on whose it about but yea all the spots are open message me and ill choose give me age height haicolor Twitter name everything u feel like giving u dont have to ill make something up but yea open spots down there









well choose who u want if I didnt put on one of the guys name just tell me which boy u want ummm thats pretty much it soo yea but contest starts NOW oh and if yall get a part im sowwy yall might have to be like a girl bully but then gets to be like an best friend orr the other way around ok but the contest officially starts NOW

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