Chapter 15

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"We've missed you so much." Her mother said squeezing her tighter.

"It's okay. I'm back now." Rapunzel said as a tear of joy rolled down her cheek. Her father kissed her forehead.

"Now I want you to meet my family." Merida said, pulling them to Rapunzel.

"It's nice to meet you" Rapunzel hugged them too.

"Happy birthday ma dear." Eleanor said as she patted Rapunzel's back. "You must be very important to Merida seeing as we had to come all the way here on such short notice."

Rapunzel beamed at the thought of how important she must be to Merida.

"When do we eat?" Fergus asked.

"Fergus! Don't be rude. We just ate breakfast!" Eleanor scolded him.

While they bickered over lunch Merida and Rapunzel slipped out the door. Music was playing and people were dancing. Rapunzel ran around, picking up trinkets and fabrics; oohing and awing at everything she saw. Merida followed and giggled, every now and then buying something Rapunzel liked. They stopped and ate little cakes on a stick and Rapunzel noticed Merida had crumbs on her cheek. She whipped it off with her finger and ate it, and Merida blushed. "I coulda got it off ya know" Merida said, holding back a grin.

"I know, but so can I." Rapunzel smiled wryly and kissed her cheek. While something shiny caught Rapunzel's eye, Merida turned and checked her side pouch. "What'cha doin'?" Rapunzel wondered, leaning over her.

"Nothing!" Merida said jumping. "Oh look." She said as a couple little girls ran up to them.

"We made you these, princess!" They gave her handmade flower crowns.

"Oh they're so pretty, thank you!" She bent down to hug them and placed a crown on her head and one on Merida's. The children ran away giggling.

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