"Hey Spencer." All three of us turned to look at Lily who was sliding her tray onto the table. 'Looks like we have a fourth member for lunch.' I thought bitterly to myself.

"What's wrong with the girls? If I were you, I'd sit with them every lunch." Spencer commented, eyeing Lily's normal table over her shoulder. Lily rolled her eyes before playfully punching Spencer on the arm. "No. I just needed some guy time." She looked up at Spencer from underneath her eyelashes and he just shrugged and slung an arm across her shoulders before proceeding to tell us about how hot some of the girls in our year are. Man he was blind. Spencer and Lily had been good friends since their fist shits and words, and since about junior high, Lily had been head over heels for Spencer. Sadly, Spencer didn't return the feelings (he didn't even know about said feelings) and this meant that every time we hung out with the girls, Lily ended up acting like a total freak to get Spencer's attention.

"Hey, we should get together this weekend and head to the beach, you know, as kinda like a welcome party thing for Alexia." Wilson spoke up from his corner. I turned to look at the other two and saw that Lily had a strange sour look on her face. Usually I was pretty good at reading people's faces but Lily quickly shut down whatever it was she was feeling before anyone could tell what was going on in her head. I looked over to Lily's normal table and saw Alexia's head tipped back in laughter while Anna and Macey were both bent over their lunches and Jade's face slowly turned an alarming shade of red. I smiled to myself and looked down at my hands that were wrapped around my water bottle.

I felt a hand on my neck and didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. I moved my hands away from my lap and opened my arms slightly to make room. She smoothly slid onto my lap and immediately her perfume enveloped me. She beamed around at the guys and Lily before turning to give me a quick peck on the lips.

"Is that all I get?" I asked, teasing. She turned to face me fully and I took in her big green eyes and perfectly straightened shoulder-length (dyed) blonde hair. She smirked before leaning in to give me the kiss I was supposed to get when she arrived.

"Eh-hem" Wilson cleared his throat and I sighed, closing my eyes.

"Yes, Asshat?" I challenged, looking over Kelly's shoulder to where Wilson was sitting, trying to make annoyance clear in my eyes.

"Soo...you guys official now then?" He asked, eyes flicking between me and Kelly. I sighed again and rested my head on Kelly's shoulder before her perfume became to much and I had to come up for air. "Yes fuckwit. That's why we just kissed in public and she's sitting on my lap." Kelly giggled and leaned back into me while Wilson just raised his eyebrows before picking up his water bottle and holding it up in a mock toast; "I don't know how you did it, but you finally tamed the beast." he congratulated Kelly in fake seriousness and I flipped him the bird.

"But seriously, y'all didn't answer my question about this weekend." He said, all joking instantly dropped. I opened my mouth to answer but an annoying little voice got there first; "Sorry Wilson, Leo and I are busy this weekend, I have a pep-rally and Leo has promised to come" - Oh yeah, that annoying little voice was my new girlfriend. "Pep-rally?" I questioned. "This is the first time I've heard about a pep-rally babe." Wilson turned to face Kelly triumphantly "HAH!" He practically shouted pointing at my girlfriend's face.

"Wilson! Keep it contained would you!" A voice floated over and we all turned to see Alexia giving Wilson a cheeky grin, dimples and all. Her eyes drifted to mine and she pulled a face that looked like she was sucking an extremely sour lemon. And of course I retaliated with the mature option of poking my tongue back at her and pulling a stupid face. She returned with an equally laughable face and that was how the battle of the faces started.

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