Chapter 6: We don't kiss and tell

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" Wow Jack, Ria. Was i deaf or something this morning? I don't remember hearing you mentioning anything about being freaking heteros?!" I stormed towards the two of them shouting at the top of my lungs.

" Oh my god! Skye? SKYE! " Ria's eyes widened in shock.

" What the shit? what are you doing here?" Jack jumped, taking a step back from Ria.

" Well I sure could ask the same thing about the two of you." I snarled.

" We were just.." Before Ria could complete the sentence, I interrupted her,

" Making out with a guy? Not mentioning Jack? Yeah Ria I can't possibly be both blind and deaf." I gritted my teeth, feeling anger pulse through my veins.

To find out that 3 of out my 4 closest friends lied about their sexuality even up till the part where i confessed to them pissed me off so much.

If not for Mikhael's hand that was resting on my waist, I would have thrown stuff at Ria and Jack.

Especially Ria who tried comforting me for the entire morning but didn't seem to have the decency to tell me this.

" Skye c'mon..." Jack pleaded, trying to grab my hand.

" C'mon?! Seriously Jack Winston! SERIOUSLY?" My voice rose higher with every word.

" Skye I'm so so so sorry! I've never meant to hurt you!" Ria was in tears.

I was in tears from the amount of anger I was feeling.

" Hurt me?! You did not hurt me Ria. You left me alone for years. And I can't blame you for that because I chose to kept me being hetero a secret! But what I can blame you for, is that this morning when I confessed, you still made me feel alone! You didn't tell me the truth! So have a nice life without me."

With that I wiped my falling tears and ran out of the underground club.

" Copper! Copper wait up! Skye!" Mikhael called out.

I stopped running at the sound of my name.

" Did you just call me Skye?" I looked at him, surprised.

" Yeah. why?" Mikhael grinned.

" So all I had to do was cry and get angry for you to call my name instead of that awful nickname?" My laughter came out weird because of the shouting.

But I was laughing.

" Maybe. And now that I got you laughing, Copper returns." he chuckled.

" Thank you. For everything." I gave a smile small.

" Anytime Copper. Let's get you home." he laughed.

" Why can't you be nice like now all the time?" I glared at him.

" All good things must come to an end. Just enjoy the bloody moment while you can." he winked.

" Hey Mikhael?" I grabbed his hand.

He turned around to look at me and that was when i tiptoed and pressed my lips against his.

That's right.

In public, we kissed.

He pulled me in by the waist, deepening the kiss.

Holy cow.

Even after such a long day I wonder how he can still taste of mints.

One of my hands grabbed his hair while the other cupped his face as our mouths moved in sync and his hand keeping a steady up down movement on my back.

He pulled away and started leave tiny trails of kisses from my cheek to my neck.

I was pressed against his car as he lifted me up effortlessly, to put in a better position as our lips met once more.

" You are seriously a good kisser." Mikhael breathed out his forehead rest against mine and his two hands grabbing my thighs to hold me up.

" I know.". I grinned, trying hard not to pant.

" Oh god. You're ego!" he whined, imitating me as he lowered me down.

" Shutup Jackass. Bring me home!" I whacked him on the chest as he proceeded into the car.

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