Chapter 5: Cos' we gonna dance all night till we see the sunlight

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As I first stepped into the underground room, I experienced the unexpected.

Mikhael gave me the impression that the club would be small with a limited number of people.

Right before my eyes were easily more than a few hundred people either dancing and having fun or sitting at corners making out with opposite genders out in the open.

And the "room" was freaking huge and spacious.

" This is so awesome!" I laughed excitedly, giving Mikhael a hug to thank him.

" Glad you love it. C'mon! Let us heteros have some fun!" He smirked, pulling me to the middle of the dance floor.

We swayed to the beat of the music. with our bodies stuck so close there was barely any space in between us.

Mikhael's hands were on my waist as they continuously went up and down the small of my back while my head rested on his chest, my fingers interlaced with his hair.

"Having fun?" He breathed, laughing.

" Like never before!" I shouted over the music, grinning.

" Want some drinks?" He stared at me intensely.

It was then I realised how beautiful his eyes were.

" Sure." I was suddenly very aware of how close his lips were to mine and how his both hands were tugging me closer even though it was barely possible.

We just stood there.

Staring at each other until the music ended and proceeded to the next song.

It was then when Mikhael grabbed hold of the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his.

My hands immediately went around his neck as I kissed him back.

My first ever kiss.

And it was beyond perfect.

I swear fireworks were exploding everywhere as he continued to press his lips hard against mine.

We stood there in a hot make out session, leaving both of us breathless at the end.

" Wow." Mikhael lips twitched into a smile, trying to catch his breath.

" You kissed a girl before?" I asked, trying to even my breathing.

" Of course! You?" his eyes twinkled with amusement as He led me out of the dance floor to an empty table.

I whacked him, " No. Ew. Oh my god."

" Just curious!" he chuckled as we sat down.

" That was my first kiss actually." I admitted, feeling the heat creeping to my cheeks.

" Seriously? But that was one hell of a make out session!" Mikhael's eyes widened in disbelief.

" What can I say? I'm talented." I pretended to flip my hair backwards dramatically.

Mikhael laughed, shaking his head, " Well it takes much more talent to be as hot as I am than to kiss like a pro." he gave his winning smirk.

" Someone should really deflate that ego of yours." I rolled my eyes as he laughed again.

" Hey it's that dude in your clique!" Mikhael raised his eyebrows.

" What dude?" I looked around.

" The one with blonde hair who keeps arguing with the girl. Rita? Ria is it?" he pointed at a corner of the club.

And there stood Jack.

One of my best friends who claimed to have a boyfriend.

In a heterosexual club.

Kissing Ria Thomas.

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