Carter's POV

When I woke up it was 7:30am. I took a deep breath and looked over at my phone on my bedside table. I could see the glow of the screen. I shoved a pillow over my face and groaned as I knew what day it was. Today was the day that Sabrina was moving.

"Carter?" my mom said knocking at my bedroom door.

"I-I'm getting dressed" I lied.

I heard my mom softly sigh as she left.

I reached over and grabbed my phone, my whole lock screen was filled with notifications. The one notification that stood out to me most was Sabrina's.

[ 💬 ] Sabrina😔❤️ 6:55 | " hey, text me when you can. I really need to tell you something. "

My read the message three times before sliding it open. I realized I had three more texts from her before the one I read.

Sabrina😔❤️: morning sleepy head

Sabrina😔❤️: I'm really going to miss you.

Sabrina😔❤️: omg sorry, I'm trying not to spam you.

I hit the 'I' key on my iPhone keyboard then deleted it. I stared at the conversation not knowing what to reply.

When my mom came back up I was actually dressed and finally thought of something to reply to Sabrina.

"Carty, are you ready to head out?" my mom asked.

I nodded. "Just let me send this one text first."

She nodded and headed back down.

Me: I'll be at your house 'round noon. You can tell me then?

As I was walking out my door with my mom I felt my phone vibrate. I leaned towards the corner of the passengers seat so my mom couldn't read my text.

Sabrina😔❤️: yeah sure. see ya then.

Me: see ya.

Luke, Amy and Katie were already at Sabrina's house when I pulled up. Amy and Katie were each taking turns hugging Sabrina repeatedly. Luke stood there patting Sabrina's back.

I got out of my moms car and slowly approached them. Amy and Katie had tears streaming down their eyes. Sabrina was just about to reach up to wipe her tears from her face, but then she saw me.

She ran into my arms as I embraced her for as long as I could. I could feel her crying on my shoulders. I breathed slowly as I knew everyone was watching us.

When she stopped crying a bit she tried to whisper "I...." but her voice trailed off as she began crying again.

I held her tightly and Amy, Luke, and Katie joined the hug. He stood there as Sabrina's parents loaded the last of their furniture into the moving truck.

Everything became slow and quiet as Sabrina let go. She looked at all of us and said "text me every minute you can, skype me, anything. don't loose contact. God, I'll miss you so much!"

She hugged us all one last time. She pecked me on my cheek. Was that a kiss? I felt my body warm up and my breathing seem to slow down as my heart sped up.

She got in the back of the car. Everything seemed like it was a dream. Like none of this was real. This wasn't suppose to happen.

Luke, Amy, Katie and I stood there waving as they pulled out of the driveway. We stared down the horizon until you couldn't see their car anymore, and that's when you knew, they were gone.

Luke patted me on my shoulder. Amy and Katie still were crying.

"Froyo anyone?" Luke suggested with a hesitant voice.

Amy and Katie looked at his with a blank stare for a moment then cracked a smile. "Sure" they both said in sync.

They all turned to me. I nodded although I really felt like going home and crawling into bed.

When got to the FroYoYo Shop, we ordered sole froyo and sat in the back corner. We all ate silently, glancing at one another from time to time.

"Okay, I admit, it's very lonely without Sabrina" Katie said holding back tears.

"Agreed" Luke and Amy replied.

Amy turned to me. "How are you holding up?"

I didn't realize she was speaking to me until Luke nudged my arm.

"What? Oh.. I'm fine. I mean, I miss her, but... fine." he tried to say as normally as I could.

"Did she ever tell you what she meant to tell you?" Luke asked.

"What?" I asked them all with a confused expression.

Amy finished her froyo and said "Sabrina told all of us that she needed to tell you something. Did she ever?"

"No... Tell me!" I argued.

"Can't do that. Has to be from her" Katie told me.

I leaned back in my chair and stared up at the ceiling. "Whatever. I'm going home."

"Carter!" I heard Amy say as I got up and took my jacket. "Skype me or text me if you wanna chat." I threw away my garbage and went home.

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