New Kid!?!

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Miah(Me-ha/Lyric older sis):Apanē miśrita gadhā uṭhō (Get your mixed ass up)

Lyric:Nop mi culo mixta queda aquí(Nope my mixed ass stays here)


They are mixed with Latino,Indian,and Black so there will be some spanish and hindi here and there.

Miah:I can't keep doing this everyday.

Lyric:Then don't force me to school

Miah:You have to go.

Lyric:And if I don't

On the bus

Dominica:She dragged you to the bus?

Lyric:Man that some Bull right there. She won't even let me put on my hat.

Dominica:Well I heard some new kids are coming to our school.

A girl turns around in the seat infront of them.

Girl:Rumor has it is a famous boy band.

Dominica:Im sorry I thought this was an A B conversation we don't need to C yo face so you betta back up before D jumps over E and Fs you up like a true G.

The girl slowly turns back around.

Lyric:Now that wasn't so nice

Dominica:When have i ever been nice?

Lyric:Good point Domo.

They get to school and go to 1st period.

Mr.Jansen:So if you have 26.5 pieces of gum and you share 0.6 how many do you have left?

Lyric raised her hand


Lyric:26.5 ain't nobody fucking with my gum.

Mr.Jansen:To Mrs.Lyre's room.

Lyric:You got me fucked up. I gave you a straight answer didn't I?


Lyric:Okay but you gonna need this

She throws a pack of gum at him and leaves.

Lyric:Man his racist ass gone pick on me cuz im mixed.

She pulls out a black sharpie and writes on the lockers:

My Home base Bitch

Later that day

Dominica:You know better

Lyric:I know worse.

Dominica:My nigga

They laugh


Lyric:Nigga I ain't do shit.

Dominica:Isn't Mercedes in our 3rd period science?

Lyric:Yeah that goody two shoes couldn't hurt a fly.

Dominica:And the bitchy rich girl who used to run the school but is in second place now,Imani?

Lyric:I guess. Well later Domo

Dominica:Adios Lyriie(L-Ear-E)

Lyric runs down to the principal's office.

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