Chapter Eight- Advertisements

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Chapter Eight- Advertisements

My night didn't end so well. I had to find an excuse as to why Dylan was speaking so coldly and being so rude. And also, I had to explain who he was, since I haven't told my brothers much about my career, which I probably should've, but they were too busy being them for me to explain.

So, when I had to explain to them what was going on, it pretty much went something like this: "He's my co-star on this movie I'm shooting. It's supposed to be a big hit when it comes out. He's a method actor. He likes to act as a different character every time he sees me. It helps him to act better when he needs to. This time, I guess he decided to act like a mean jerk. Isn't he really good?"

They were looking at me all suspicious-like. It's the kind of face your mom would make when you were younger and she asked if you're sure you didn't go into the cookie jar. And then you answered back with a full mouth, "Yes."

They didn't seem to believe me but didn't really question it either. I don't know why since usually they'd pester me about stuff they wanted to know until I told them, but today I've noticed they just drop it. It's alarming, but a relief.

And on Sunday, since I miraculously also got another vacation day, we spent time together as well. We didn't really go out, though. We went to the swimming pool that the hotel I'm staying at has. It's ginormous. It was so refreshing since the day was sweltering again. I can just remember the feel of the ice cold water touching my sizzling skin. I swear when I went into the pool it made a hissing sound. Like when you take a pan off the burner and then run the faucet water over it and it immediately cools off. That's exactly how I felt.

We played around a lot in the pool. We played cheesy pool games like Marco Polo and found a random stranger who was game and played chicken fights. We splashed water on each other and had swimming races. I even jumped on my brothers' backs a few—okay maybe a million—times for a piggyback ride.

Then when we finished in the pool, we went back to my room and ordered a bunch of stuff from room service and stuffed our faces. Well, my brothers did, at least. I still had my gross diet food sent to me that I had to eat. But I watched my brothers happily gorge away my manager's money, since he's paying for the room I'm staying in until I make enough money to afford my own place.

It was a fun weekend, but now it's Monday and I'm back to work and exercising. I'm sort of happy about work and completely down about the exercising part. Especially when I've been told that the intensity of my workout has increased since I didn't do any of it over the weekend.

Now, I really don't like Mondays. I'm not saying I did before, but I usually found an upside which made me cheery and peppy on Mondays. Now, I'm working extra hard on my exercising routine and I'm going to be brought down by Mr. Grumpy-pants.

In fact, he's glaring at me from across the room at this very moment. I was currently at the refreshments table, staring at all the food that I can't eat—don't ask me why; I might be a masochist. When I looked away from the glorious delicacies, I saw that he had just walked onto the set with his usual indifferent, non-smiling face. When he saw me as he was making a quick scan of the room, his eyes narrowed, mouth turned down into a scowl, and he was looking directly at me. Even as I moved, his eyes followed me with that same facial expression. It was unsettling, so I just turned away and tried to ignore the burning in my back from a certain someone's eyes.


I let out a sigh of relief since I now had a distraction from Dylan's eyes boring into my back. Then I turned my head toward the direction I heard the voice coming from. That's when I saw Sean walking towards me.

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