Charley was blasting monsters left and right, he could see Valerie and Jason slashing through the hordes, Harry and Zoe where next to him shooting arrows. Charley couldnt see the rest of the group but he was sure they where just fine.

Suddenly something crashed into the wall making a huge hole, it was the dragon, it lit the katoblepones on fire, the dolphin army tried to attack it but they had the same faith, the dragon looked at Charley and he knew being burnt wouldnt be a good way to go, the dragon charged at them and Charley ran to the side, he heard the dragon flap his wongs and rise up wards, he hoped the dragon was leaving the battle for good, but he turned and saw Zoe and Harry where gone.

"Great.." he groaned, "I'll get Zoe and Harry!" he shouted at Jason and flew upwards chasing after the red dragon, its scales seemed to shine in the sunlight, he heard the screams of his friends as they where carried to the other side of the island, it wasnt long before the small town disappered below the clouds.

The dragon made a sudden 540 turn hitting Charley with it's tail, the tail was spiky and hot and left a burnt mark across Charley's chest. Charley let out a small cry and the dragon made a sound as if he was laughing at him, Charley shot lightning at it, it hit the dragon flat in the chest, it flopped around as the electricity cursed through it, then Charley noticed the lightning hurt Zoe and Harry too. he made a mental note to not use lightning again, and that meant he would have to fight the dragon up close and personal, the dragon roared and shot fire at Charley, he flew up to avoid the attack. the dragon flew after him.

"Sure...let's play cat and mouse." said Charley and flew away from the dragon, and it chased him as espected, he landed in a cliff with no trees at all, the moment Charley landed he knew he had no cover for the flames of the dragon but it was to late, the dragon landed in front of him and behind it was the rest of the isalnd, Charley was trapped in between a dragon and a huge cliff.

"This went so wrong so quickly." he said, Zoe and Harry where uncontious on the floor, the fast movements of the dragon mostlikey knocked them out. "Let;s just get this over with."

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