Chapter 4

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Before I can open my eyes, I hear windows and light bulbs cracking, breaking and from what I can tell, the hallway has gotten pitch black (outside looks foggy so makes reflection dark). When I opened them, all I can hear is people screaming and crying that they wanted to go home. From what I know, the floor from where I'm standing is just about twenty steps far from the entrance from the left.

I yelled so loud that everyone can hear me, "Everyone, go to the entrance which is on your left! Use the locker walls to guide you on your left as well! Go! Now!!!" I hear people shoes shuffling on my left so that I can tell that they're leaving. I yank in to a silky, soft shirt, which means I'm hanging on to a student's shirt.

"Get off of me!" As that girl yells and whimpers as I can tell she was crying with the other people. "It's ok, it's me." "Ok." I can tell that she can recognize my voice by not being scared.

"Thank you for saving us." She says in a shaky voice. "Thank me later, right now I have to make sure you'r-" All of a sudden, someone pulls my back collar of my shirt and I happened to let go of the girl's shirt. "Where are you, speak to me, PLEASE!!!" As she pleads for me when she knows she can't see in the darkness. "The door is on your left! Run as fast as you can and don't look back!!!" "But-" "GO"!!! I say it in a strict voice so that I can tell she's listening to me. I can hear her voice and her shoes shuffling starting to fade and was glad that she was safe. Same for the rest to the people.

Now what is left for me is whether it's a foot ninja that is holding on to my green, soft sweatshirt or the unknown heroes that broke the glass of the windows and entrance doors.

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