Chapter 36-Epilogue

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Noone's P.O.V

"Cameron !!! " 10 year-old Diego yelled as he ran towards the direction of his sister .

She sat there with her tiny hands shivering , tears were pouring out of her beautiful eyes as she tried to take control of her sobs . Her once peach colored sunny dress were covered with mud and her hair was a wreck .

"He ... He ... took my candy .." She sobbed louder , burying her face into her brother's protective chest . She knew that this is the only place she felt safe with , holding his shirt with her dear life as the 10 year old struggle to carry her back home .

Eventhough they're just 6 years apart , but Diego had never let the possessiveness fade . She's his dear sister and he swore to his transformer toy that he'll be there everytime she needed him to be . He tried his best to be the best brother for her but there's this one thing that kept him at bay .

Thinking at how Adrian would bully her and take away her toys or candies had him flaring in temper . He'd never liked him , but if it wasn't for the fact that he's the beta's son , he's already had Adrian's head snapped off his body and never again causing Cameron's pain .

He cooed lowly , patting her on the back as he carried her home from the sandbox . Her sobs faded , in exchange with low snores , telling Diego that she's fell asleep .

Carefully , he took tiny footsteps as he climbed up the stairs of the front porch . He didn't want to wake Cameron as she's sleeping and obviously drained out .

"Hey there little guy , need help ?" Zack's head popped out from the front door , greeted by the sight of Diego clumsily climbing up the stairs . His tiny legs couldn't reach the next cliff with Cameron's weight on him but he didn't gave up , 2 more cliff and he's at the top .

Diego's gaze shifted up , giving him an assuring smile . "No dad , I got this ." He whispered , telling Zack that Cameron's sound asleep in his arms .

"Whatever you say buddy . " he said , stepping out into the porch as he took a seat down at the armchair that he placed there earlier .

5 minutes passed and Diego finally reached to the top , puffing in exhaustion . He looked at the little angel in her arm , making sure not to startle her in her sleep .

"I'll carry her upstairs ." Zack smiled , taking Cameron away from Diego's tiny arms . Diego hated to let go but he had to anyways , his arms were barely left with any energy and his legs were starting to become wobbly .

Zack carried Cameron up the stairs , with Diego following behind , his gaze never leaving the little angel's sleeping face that is drooling over Zack's shoulder .

Zack place her onto her changing table , pulling her dirt-filled sunny dress off , changing her into a loose t-shirt that Diego once wore . Diego likes it when she wears his clothes , it made him feel like a big brother and he felt more secure with her in his clothings .

He watch as he placed Cameron onto her princess themed bed . "Let me ." He voiced out , pushing Zack away as he possesively pulled the cover over Cameron's small frame . He didn't want her catching a cold .

Zack smiled silently , proud that his son is so lovingly Possesive over his sister . He won't have to worry of some other brat that would hit on her when she goes to HighSchool .Diego will be there and beat up anyone and everyone that seemed to be a threat to Cameron .

Diego landed a soft kiss on her forehead , pulling her covers properly . "Good Night Cammy ." He whispered with his toddler voice .

After giving Cameron one last glance , he pulled Zack out of the bedroom . His tiny fingers were wrapped around Zack's pinkie finger , his rushed footstep leaded them into Zack's office .

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