Chapter 5

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The clapping and cheering starts dying down. He's still cheery, but compared to his regular self as I have seen through the X-Factor, he seems down. He'd look like he had been crying for a few days, and instead of a big grin, there is a small smile on his face. He's still devastated he didn't make it past Boot camp, I can tell.

"Trevor you can take your seat now," the teacher says. He walks to his seat. He's surprised to see all the papers on his desk, and he laughs.

"You guys made this...all for me?" he asks, searching through the pile. Everyone nods and I smile. How was I supposed to know it was him? Oh wait, I'm a weird oblivious person. He sits down in his seat and looks at me. I feel a bit uncomfortable but smile at him anyway.

"I liked your audition," was the only thing I could say. He weakly smiles. I probably shouldn't have sai that, but hey it might cheer him up a bit.

"Thanks. Hey are you the new student here?" He asks. "My friend texted me that a few days ago."

"I'm not really new...I skipped 7th grade and I'm here," I say shyly. "I'm Michaela, by the way." We both then turn our attention to the teacher. I'm glad I got to meet Trevor, especially the person who sits next to me every freaking class.

"Okay class. For the next two weeks, we will start duet singing. I'll have assigned you partners already. This week, you will just practice with your partner. Next week, you two will practice your song, which you will perform in front of the class the following week." the teacher explains. "Understood?" I nod my head in agreement. I look around the whole class. I wonder who I'm going to get.

"Just so you know, I'm basing this off your voices, so they can create a beautiful sound." the teacher says, getting her papers out. "I'm going to pass out these papers. They have a list of the partners and the songs you are able to choose." She starts passing them out. I'm anxious to get mine. Once people get theirs, they immediately look for their partners. Once I get the paper, I immediately try to find my name.

These aren't in alphabetical order, which makes it difficult to figure out where my name is. I saw Chiara got partnered with one of her friends, and Devin with someone I don't really know, though he probably plays basketball or something.

I'm probably really blind for not finding my name.

And of course, surprisingly I get...


My eyes widen as I look at him. He's staring at me and smiling, not in a creepy way though.

"So you're my partner," I say pretty awkwardly.

"Yup," he responds. He looks through the song list.

"You can pick the song, I don't mind," I say, while he continues to look through the list.

"Honestly you can pick, I'm open to anything," he says returning to the first page of the packet. So I start searching through the song list. I saw one song that I really liked, and I was hoping he knew of this song.

"Is 'If It Means A Lot to You' an okay song?" I ask. By the look on his face I think he's never heard of it.

"I can learn it." he says. He goes up to the official sheet and writes our names next to the song. Then he returns to his seats. More people crowd around the official sheet and write their names next to the song.

The teacher hands us a lyric sheet with the lyrics to the song I chose.

"You may use your phones to listen to the song. And only for that reason," she tells the class. I take out my iPhone and open YouTube up. My account is logged in and I look through my private playlist. I know I put that song there and search through it. I finally find the song and press play. The volume is high enough so the both of us can hear it. The familiar tune plays and I hum along.

"I like this song already," Trevor quietly comments. I nod, not bothering to respond to that. Once the song ends, I tell him how the solos are going to be arranged. There is only a slight change from the original. We decide to listen to it 2 more times, so Trevor can get comfortable with the song.

I realize there is only 4 minutes left until my next class, so we just try to memorize the lyrics.

"When are we able to practice?" I ask.

"How about here after school? I can ask the teacher if we can stay here," he responds looking up from reading the lyrics. "What's your next class?"

I check my schedule, since I don't have it fully memorized yet. The next class is when half the class goes to one subject and the other half to another subject.

"Math with Mr. Halle," I respond. "You?"

"Same. I'm not taking French," he responds a bit sassy. I laugh at his statement just before the bell rings. Everyone grabs their bags and goes to his or her classroom. I follow Trevor to math. Devin catches up to me and greets me and Trevor.

"Hey!" he says happily. Trevor looks at Devin and I and smiles.

"How's it been?" Trevor asks Devin. I assume they are close friends.

"Usual. Though it was cool having Michaela here." Oh great. Add me in the conversation, I won't mind.

"Yeah, I guess it's cooler being months away from graduating," I add in awkwardly. They both give me a reassuring smile as we enter the math classroom. I wasn't really fond of Mr. Halle or math. All of us quickly took our seats and took out our math notebooks. The good thing about math was he never checks homework, so we don't have to do it.

"So do you have any questions on your homework?" he asks. It's silent in the room and he starts a new lesson. I look around and see everyone starts to open their notebooks and take notes. This class we were going to learn about diameter and radius of a circle and all that as review. So I sneak out my lyric folder and read the lyrics while it lies on my notebook. It's so hard to come up with lyrics if I'm not in English and don't have a broad variety of vocablary. I sigh and slip the song in the folder and put it back in my bag.

When class ended, we had lunch. I decided to sit next to Jordin, since I don't hang out with her often. I sat next to her and a smile appeared on her face.

"You're lucky to have Trevor in you classes," she starts gushing. I start to smile to and I told her about our music assignment. We start sqealing like fangirls and peole start to look at us. So we quiet down. Neither of us bothers to eat our lunch, though we ate like half of it earlier. So we save our lunch until the end of school.

My last classes were Spanish and Home Ec, so those were honestly boring. None of these classes included Trevor, but I had Home Ec with Devin and Chiara. When Home Ec ended, I was the first one out of class and ran to my locker. I put away some books and took the ones I needed for homework. Then I closed my locker and casually walked to the music/history room. That was when majority of the students were in the hallway. I waited for Trevor by the door of the classoom. He appeared around 10 minutes later and we entered the classroom together.

And now the fun starts.

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