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Dear readers

I won't lie and say this book is ordinary. Like seriously it isn't. Most of this stuff even I'm like whaaaaaat but people tell me weird is interesting and I want it to be just that. Anyway if there are spelling mistakes I'm really sorry. I'll edit best I can and enjoy.


A preditor like form stood close to the towering skyscraper. He had one mission, he was to kill nine people. It was an order. He blinked at the sunlight squinting. He was taller than average boys with a lithe muscular body. His hair was black and the tips were a crimson red. His eyes were the darkest purple with flecks of red. His high cheek bones and angular jaw made him seem like royalty. He stalked in the direction of the skate park, his jeans and MCR shirt not attracting any attention. Someone knocked into him almost making him drop his Mystic. He cursed and turned to see a girl with boyish short hair. Her left eye was two colours, green and blue, while her right eye was a deep shade of blue. She looked like a boy save for her breasts which not even a baggy shirt could hide.

"Watch where you're going ass wipe." She growled. The preditor felt his heart contract violently.

"Sorry." He muttered rubbing his arm.

"Avoid the skate park to. There's some construction and some assholes are still skating around." She hissed angrily.

"I don't see why you're avoiding it. You look like a daredevil."

"Fuck you. I can do what I want." She huffed defensively stomping away. He felt his lips twitch into a smile. Now he was interested but she was right one of the skaters was going to die. After all his name wasn't Diablo for no reason. He was torturer of hell. He let his two mystics slide out. They were a beautiful silver blue that darkened with blood. He ran forward spotting his target. In a flash he passed one mystic through the boys stomach. He cried out as he fell into a big cement hole. The mystic having cut his spine . Diablo stood above the hole looking menacing to the boy who tried to back away.

"This is the end for you," Diablo said using the other mystic to cut through a machine holding cement but it came crashing down, impaling the boy. The other skaters started crowding unable to see Diablo.

"Tony!" A girl shrieked over and over crying into her hands. He snorted. She was what most humans found beautiful but he only thought of one. Diablo looked at her in disgust and walked away still smelling the girl he'd seen. She was walking home talking on the phone when he found her.

"It's not a stupid wish! I would if I could." This perked his interest and he walked until he was behind her. "Screw you! all I need is boob removal and a dick." Now he was confused but he wanted to do something. He hit the end call button and materialised. His eyes changed quickly and met hers. Her eyes went blank.

"What is your dream?" He asked.

"To be a boy so I can help my brother." She said almost slurred.

"Are you willing to make a deal?" He purred against her lips . She nodded and he smiled. "I'll grant your wish but it will only be once a month for a week."

"Like a period?" That caught him off guard and he laughed.

"Yes like a period but after six months you will be mine. I can do what I want to you." He purred.


"To help you're brother you would." He said hypnotisingly. She made a sound in her throat.

"Fine ass wipe. I'll take it."

"Now then to seal the deal." He lifted her shirt and bent down. She shivered against his lips. He bared his long canines and bit down making her cry out. It was a real turn on. Wait was he crushing? Yeah but maybe seeing her as a boy would make it go away. He licked the blood clean. "Bye Alison Winters, see you very soon."


Uhm well that's all so enjoy I guess. You're all stars.

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