Chapter 4

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"You yell nerds one more time and I will tell your mother you're not virgin anymore!" I yelled hoping that my threat would scare her.

"No no no! Please!" she squealed at the middle of the candies hall. I smiled in a maleficient way.

"Well... you know what to do" I said bored, playing with the skittle bag with my hand.

"Okay, put the skittles on the car" she said sounding defeated. My smile grew even larger.

"I know you'll do it" I laughed and she just glared at me. "Okay, okay, I have to agree with you that nerds are awesome, but god! Skittles are even better!" I reasoned still playing with the bag.

" Just shut up and push the car!" she screamed. I was surprised, really, she isn't like that. And suddenly being rude is kinda weird.

Damn, she's on her period.

Okay that's not the point, what I mean is, she's not that patient.

The way to the cashier was really awkward. Neither of us said a word. I  When we got there I touched her shoulder "Are you okay?" I whispered behind her, but she immediately removed her shoulder from my hand.

"Yeah just don't play with me like that" she said with a sigh.

"Oookay" I said awkwardly. "So after this we're going to your house?"

She turned around, she now looked very relaxed and comfortable. "Yeah sure" she said happily with a smile. "But first I want to go for a slurpee" she said with a curious look. "Is it okay?"

Yeah, she's definitely on her period

"Hey are you on you're period?" I asked trying not to burst out laughing. She turned around and the cashier also.

Oh! I forgot the cashier was there!

She glared at me, and the cashier behind was trying to hold himself. "Can I ask you, what was that?" she was about to burst out laughing. Then in about a second everyone started to laugh non stop. I saw that the cashier was about to say something and I just raised my chin so he get the idea to say what he wanted to.

"Nevermind" he said chuckling. I glared at him "No seriously, never mind" I winked at him.

"So how much is it?" Charlie asked to the cashier. "It will be $50 dollars with 25 cents." he said impressed about the amount of money.

"I only have 15 dollars, how bout you?" she asked. When she was at the middle of the sentence I already had payed the money.

"Don't worry, tonight it's at your place, the food its all by me" I winked at her, while I grabbed the bags with both of my hands and pick them up from the table.

"Well if you say so..." she said comfortably. "Hey, hey don't think this going to be forever" I laughed sounding nice. She sighed feeling disappointed.

When we got to the parking lot I didn't found the car so I tried to grab them from my pocket but I had all those bags on my hands so I couldn't gran them. "Hey Charlie, can you get the keys out of myyy" someone interrupted me the sound of my car approaching really fast. "Are you going to get in?" Charlie's voice came out of the pilot's window.

"Yeah sure" I said rolling my eyes. Maybe I'm nice to her, but if she touches my car again I'm going to kill her. Nobody touches my stuff.

"Its such a..." she didn't finished.

"Touch my car again like that and I kill you!" I warned her with a serious look, then I punched her arm with my fist.

"Ouch! You didn't had to do that!" she squealed while she was rubbing her arm.

"Well, if I didn't punched you, you wouldn't have learn to not touch my car again" I said defending my opinion. "Now, are we going for hat slurpee you wanted?" I asked looking at the road ahead. We were still parked in the main entrance Target.

"Well, with that punch I can't drive anymore" she said looking at me trying to blame me.

"Hey, hey! Its your fault! But you know what? I'm driving since its MY CAR and I want also a slurpee" I said remarking my car. "Sooo, get out of the car and walk the other way around" I said pushing her to the door.

"Why can't I just go all the way above you and then you above me?" she asked lazily. I looked at her trying to know if she is stupid or if she is trying to fake it. Then I realized she really is stupid.

"Because you'll get another punch in your other arm. Do you want it?" I said smiling. She rolled her eyes and raised her middle finger. She opened the door and walked around the car meanwhile I was getting through the middle part of the car.

"Hey! That's not fair!" she screamed when she got in the car.

"You shouldn't have raised me that little middle finger sweetie pie" I said grabbing her cheeks really hard until she pushed my hands back off.

When we got to the Seven-Eleven I told her to get me a blueberry slurpee and then I will pay it to her, meanwhile I got some gas.

When she got inside the place I got out of my car and began to fill the gas tank. I really didn't need gas, but just in case Charlie lives too far. I'm not that weird, but I always have to be prepared.

"Nice car, Parks!" someone yelled behind me. I turned around lazily, 'cuz really I don't want to mess with anybody right now. I just want to eat and sleep.

When I looked up I saw a guy standing. Surprisingly it wasn't Andre. I think I have seen him in the school hallways. He is really cute. He has light brown hair, green eyes and freckles. His jaw is really strong and you can see by his arms that he really works out. He was wearing dark blue jeans a grey v neck shirt, but I don't know his name, and well

he was really hot.

"Why do you know me?" I asked him trying to guess inside my head. He just smirked.

"Well, after that discussion you had with this guy, Andre, everyone in Colston High knows about you" he told me still smirking.

"Oh well, I can't disagree with them. I'm such an interesting person" I said while paying the gas.

"I'm just going to tell you, be careful with that guy, Andre. He isn't a good person" the smirk he was wearing disappeared.

The shit get real

No seriously, but it surprised me his change of emotions.

"Why do you say that" I asked and O heard the door of the store was open and some footsteps becoming closer. I guess that must be Charlie.

"I'll let you find out" his smirk appeared again but this time bigger, and I have to admit it, better. And then he just walked away.

"Hey I got your slurpee!" she said before taking a long sip of hers. She looked really cite because her lips were purple because of the slurpee. I don't know why I keep saying she's really cute, its not that I'm lesbian or something like that, its just that I really like being with someone like her, she's really special.

When we got in the car she immediately turned on the radio and a song started to play.

Six foot, seven foot eight foot bunch.

"Hmh, excuse my charisma, vodka with spritzer" both of us sang in the same way. I was surprised she knew the lyrics, I thought she didn't like this type of music. Its not my favorite though, but it makes me feel like a boss.

I'm already the boss. Bitch, please, since I was born.

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