Chapter 7: You *BLANK* me?!

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It was monk. "How you feeling kiddo?" He asked. I didnt want to answer. The experience i just went through is far to traumatizing. I tried to sit up and then i remembered, the deep, painful, cut on my leg. I groaned in pain and looked around and saw Naru reading in a chair, like usual, Monk sitting there, still waiting for an answer, and Ayako, surprisingly asleep as of she was waiting for something. I flipped over ignoring the pain in my leg. "Dont move around too much, Mai, otherwise youll open up your stitches." Monk said in a concerned tone. "I got stitches?" I questioned. He nodded his head. He then looked at the time. His eyes widened and then a smirk appeared on his face. He walked over to Ayako and woke her up. Before she could complain, Monk showed her the time, her reaction was the same. "Bye Mai i hope you feel better soon" Ayako said as she lazily got up and left with monk. Once again i was left alone with Naru. "How are you feeling?" Naru asked out of the blue. "Oh, uh, umm.. Okay i guess" I said not knowing what to say. I didnt want to say i was in a lot of pain because i didnt want to seem as if i were to be complaining. He then got up and walked over to me. He sat down on the hospital bed with me. I felt heat start to rise up on my cheeks. He got closer yet stayed silent. Before i knew it, his lips were on mine. Passionate, loving, rough but not too rough. He broke the kiss and said "Mai,I -" Then Masako and Ayako came in the room. "I didnt think you would actually do it!" Masako laughed. CLIFF HANGER!! I AM SOOOO SORRY I HAVE NOT UPDATED IN SOOO LONG. SCHOOL STARTED AND GRRR I HATE HAVING HOMEWORK OVER THE WEEKEND, STUPID MIDDLE SCHOOL!! ANYWAYS IM SOOO SORRY THIS IS SHORT IM JUST SO BUSY NOW!! ANYWAYS FOR ALL YOU KUROSHITSUJI (BLACK BUTLER) FANS OUT THERE, I WILL SOON BE MAKING SSBASTIANXCIEL AND OTHER SHIPPINGS FANFICTIONS, COMMENT WHAT YOU SHIP IN KSUROSHITSUJI (BLACK BUTLER) ANYWAYS SEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!!

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