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This is the second installement of the Universal Gang Romances.

This book would revolve around 2 teenagers facing the problem of being parents in such a young age and are being arranged to marry each other despite them not being in love . 


Cora Evalyn Saunders' life has been filled with constant parties,presents and all the luxury the world could ever give to a person. 

She's the Queen Bee, the top of their prime and what ever she wants, she gets. 

The only things she could never get though was the only guy that captured her heart, Justin Wright. She did everything she could to have him love her but still ,  he didnt. Now, he's with his girlfriend Jane Hawkins and they're filled with smiles while Cora is just in the sidelines sad, scared and pregnant.

Oops, did I slip?Well it is true she is pregnant. Trying so hard to escape her father's clutches, destroy her arranged marriage  and gain the heart of the man of her dreams, she made a mistake.  A mistake she could never correct .

And just as she has decided to bring the child up on her own, she soon realizes that the father of her child is the same man she was meant to be married . What could she do when everything seems to fall down his father's plans and she could do nothing but agree to it for it is her child's life on the line?

Add to the problem that her future husband and father to her child is a top notch player. What would happen? Could she change his player ways despite themboth having a mutual hate with each otehr?


I know it is him. I mean, who else could it be? I remember him  holding me,making love to me and all.

We were both drunk and things were blurry . I remember his voice and his intense gaze...

"Kiss me , baby." he said as he pulled me tight .

Warmth spread to my body as I entangled my arms into his and kissed him passionately. He replied to my kisses and soon licked my lips ,asking for entrance.I gave  in ,in the passion of the moment. His hands roamed around my body freely. I moaned at his touch. 

His mouth moved lower ,trailing kisses down my jaw and through my neck .  He moaned as I grinded my body into his. His hands cupped my breat and caressed them ,his mouth not stopping their tortorous kisses on my neck.He slid his hands down to liftmy shirt as I did to him and a few moments later we were shirtless and only in our undergarments and jeans.

I felt his bulge pointing at my core and I moaned as I grinded myself onto him.

He groaned. "Stop that ,love or else I wouldnt last any longer ..."he whispered into my ear and I shivered in lust.

"Then dont." I purred.

His mouth made his way south and laid me down the bed. His fingers trailed the outline of my body and slowly settled themselves down my hips . He  pulled my pants down and smirked as he said,"Gods,you're beautiful." 

I shivered in delight and he undid his pants and showed me all his glory. My eyes bulged at the sight of his friend. I asked myself if it would fit.

I heard him chuckle and it was obvious that fear was clear in my eyes.

He positioned himself into me and said,"Dont worry ,love, all of these would beover ...soon."

And everything else,was history.

My eyes opened as I felt Justin shake me . I realized that we were already there.

"Come on." he siad and I frowned. Why does it seem like his voice was different from what it was when we made love?

I shook my head and undid my thoughts. I followed him inside,nervous to what was about to come next. I am sure that it was Justin since I woke up beside him but...something inside of me tells me that there is more to it than what meetsthe eyes...

I just hope, I really hope , that things would turn out for the better and not for the worse.


There you have it .

This would be the next installment to my Universal Gang Romances.




GENRE : may possibly be Rated 18 + so General Fiction and Romance


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