Nash Imagine

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Nash imagine fore Kaylyn.

Me and Nash were heading home from JC's party (A/N if you don't know who JC is your fucked up jk)

everyone was there, all the vine and YouTube peeps lol.

Nash turned up the radio "All me" by Drake was on, I turned it up and looked out the window of all the passing cars and the trees that we drove by.

I wasn't paying attention and Nash put his hand on my thigh, I was only wearing a Little black tight dress, and to be honest I think it made Nash horny.

We arrived at Nash's shared apartment with Cam 10 minutes later, Cam was staying with one of his friends for the night.

Once we got in the house Nash pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.

Then we started going to his room once we were in his room he flipped me on the bed and took my dress off..

Let's just say they used protection and they had some fun😂😂

authors note

Hai missed you guys 👌

I'm gonna update more lol

Sorry I've been busy with school and I've had a rough 2 weeks.

This depression shit can suck my dick.

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