Little Jae Hee was pulled to the side of the of the road.Well,she was quite shocked herself,she didn't any pain.She opened her eyes and saw a young boy.

Jae Hee POV

I said thank you to the boy.The boy smiled at me and said,"You should be careful and look to where you're going. Bye!"."Bye!",I said too.I went straight to Young Jin's house.

Ended POV


"Who is there?", said Young Jin's mom."Its me,Jae Hee",she said."Come in",Young Jin's mom said while she opens the door."Thank you,aunty",she said."Your mostly welcome,Jae Hee",said her friend's mom said.

Jae Hee smiled and bowed to her.

She heard someone called her.It was Young Jin ."Let's play in my room,Jae Hee",her friend said.Jae Hee nodded and went up stairs with her friend.They played for hours and hours.Then,they had lunch together.

At 4:00 p.m.

Jae Hee POV

I was walking home.I passed a playground near my house.I saw that boy who saved my life.He was seating on the swing.Then I said "Yah,lifesaver!"." Wae? ",he said." Uhm...What's your name? ",I said."My name is Oh Se Hun." He said.Then I went and sat on the other swing near him."I am Song Jae Hee",I said.

"Nice to meet you", he said.I was feeling very nervous then because he put on a sweet smile at me." Bye!",I said and went to my house.I stopped when he said"Bye!",to me and went away.


As soon they met each other.They often play together. Jae Hee's parent for a business trip and she lived with her aunty for a week."Bye,Jae Hee!",little Se Hun said with a smile on his face.Little Jae Hee smiled at him and said"Yeah.Bye,Se Hun",and went home.

At Little Jae Hee's house

Jae Hee POV

Today it was my last day with aunt.Everyday when I called my parents,they will answer my calls quickly but today it was different.They didn't answer my call.I was getting afraid.Then I heard someboby cried.To my surprise,it was my aunty."Why,aunty?",I asked with a worried face.

She was crying then she hugged me."I am so sorry ,Jae Hee.Y-Y-Your parents had passed away in a car accident while they were going to the airport",she said with tears flowing down her cheeks.I was so shock.I cried with aunty.I was so sad.I missed them so much.I didn't even play with Se Hun for 4 days already.

Ended POV

After a week ...

"We will move to England two weeks later",Jae Hee's aunty said."Well...okay then,aunty",she said."Good girl",she said to little Jae Hee with a smile.Little Jae Hee started to pack her stuff little by little.She also started to play with little Se Hun.

Last day at Korea...

Jae Hee POV

"Se Hun ah..."I said."What?"he said."I am leaving Korea tomorrow",I said with a sad expression on my face."Then let's not forget each other.Okay?" he said."Okay", I said"Oh!Let's be lover then",he said.W-What? Well...okay,"I said shyly.He smiled at me and handed something out.




Park Shin Hye as Song Jae Hee

Oh Se Hun as himself

Im Yoo Ah as Park Young Jin

(P.S: More characters to come)


To be continued ...

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