Emma had her forehead braced against the window of the back seat; her eyes looked almost empty like she was without a soul. Her body was an empty shell, cold to the touch and her skin was drained of color. I touched her hand trying to get a response but I couldn’t tell whether the medication was to blame or this was actually Emma. I squeezed Emma’s hand; she looked at me blankly when Tracey pulled up to the airport.

            “I’ll be right back. Zoe and Alfie are inside.” I smiled where Tracey nodded flicking on her hazards so the cop wouldn’t bother us. I walked into the automatic doors looking amongst the crowds of many people for Alfie and my tiny sister Zoe. I saw Alfie on his phone in the distance with Zoe chatting with someone on her phone. I caught Alfie’s attention who tapped Zoe’s shoulder to point me out in the crowd. Zoe hung up about three minutes after and they walked over with the luggage in their hands. Zoe dropped her bag and pulled me into a hug, her skinny arms tightened against my chest.

            “Thanks for coming you guys, I bet Emma will be happy to see you too when the medication wears off.” I answered where Alfie gave me a hug too, I could feel the weight lift off my shoulders now it felt nice to have them here. I took one of Zoe’s suitcases leading them to the entrance and we made it back to Tracey’s car. Tracey popped the trunk to place the suitcases in; I could still see Emma leaning her forehead against the window. “Zoe, you sit in the front with her Aunt. I’ll sit in the middle between Emma and Alfie.” Zoe opened the front door seeing the young woman smile at her, she flashed her big smile.

            “Hi, I’m Zoe Sugg. I’m Joe’s older sister.” She introduced while me and Alfie were organizing the suitcases in the trunk.

            “Nice to meet you Zoe, I’m Tracey.” Tracey smiled shaking my sister’s hand when she turned to see Emma who still had a blank expression on her face.

            “Em? It’s Zoe, Alfie is here too.” Zoe exclaimed touching her knee with her hand but Emma didn’t move or look at Zoe. I slid into the car right next to Emma who looked blankly out the window. Alfie sat next to me shutting the car door, Tracey flipped off the hazards and pulled away from the airport.

            “Hello I’m Alfie Deyes; I’m Zoe’s boyfriend and Joe’s best friend.” Alfie introduced himself to Tracey while I looked at Emma touching her hand with mine. The medication just seemed to keep her in a catatonic state rather than the happy Emma.

            “Hello Alfie, I’m Emma’s Aunt Tracey. You both can call me Tracey, I am so glad Emma has friends like you to come far out of your way.” Tracey replied where I looked over seeing Zoe was happy to engage in conversation while Alfie looked at me.

            “Emma is like a sister to me, I would always be there for her. She treats my brother right and he treats her right.” Zoe rambled on for a few minutes while Alfie showed me his twitter page that was filled with comments. ‘Alfie? When are Joe and Emma coming back?’ ‘Alfie? Where are Joe and Emma?’ ‘Is everything okay with Joe and Emma?’ The posts went so on I started to worry that Emma and I would never make another video together.

            “It’s alright mate, Zoe and I posted a video together saying that you guys will be coming home shortly. That Emma wanted to spend some time with her family for the holidays and rather not be filming but we posted the one video me, you and Marcus did before you left so you are covered for this week.” Alfie explained I was so lucky that they had my back with everything.

            “Thanks mate. I owe you guys a lot.” I answered squeezing Emma’s hand into mine hoping for some reaction but still nothing. About twenty minutes passed and we pulled into the driveway to Tracey’s house. Alfie and I quickly got out so I could race around the car to Emma’s side to open her door. I slowly unlatched it where Emma moved her forehead from the window so I could open her door. I took her hand helping her from the car and all the bodyweight was braced against my chest. Tracey rushed to unlock the front door since it was chilly out, Alfie and Zoe were grabbing there bags from the trunk. I held the weight Emma gave me, I know it wasn’t her fault the doctor had shot her up with so much medication she can barely move on her own. All this medication does is make her numb, dead weight and sleepy which what he wants for her for the next week. I carried her down the stairs with Alfie and Zoe behind me. I walked her to the bed letting her lay onto the pillow with her back to us, I rubbed her back softly until I could feel her body drift off to sleep.

            “Is she okay?” Zoe asked when I turned signaling her to keep her voice down, Alfie was placing the bags on the floor. I went to the closet on the other side with Alfie behind me and Zoe behind him.

            “The doctor has her drugged up because what she saw had her so badly shattered I have no idea what she is going on through her head but I know it isn’t good.” I explained opening the closet seeing everything around nicely organized in the closet. “There’s a mattress in here with fresh sheets, pillows and blankets.”  Alfie took one end of the mattress and I took the other pulling the mattress free from inside. Zoe grabbed the blankets, sheets and the pillows that were on the shelves. We dragged the mattress to the room where Emma was asleep and laid it out nearby; Zoe started to dress the bed while I could just look at Emma. I felt Alfie touch my shoulder surprising me when I looked back at him who gave me a small smile.

            “Everything will be okay now. Zoe and I are here now, with the three of us Emma will be back to her normal self.” Alfie whispered where I looked at Zoe who was also smiling at me.

            “I would believe that but you haven’t seen what I did. We have the funeral tomorrow and I have no idea how Emma is going to react.” I exclaimed where they knew I was right, we all looked at Emma who was sleeping silently. “I don’t even know if the same Emma is still in there.”