Chapter 8-The Hunter

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We stop after getting far enough to them. That was a bit of a disappointment because we have a higher means of survival and now were vulnerable. At night we ate 2 corned beef cans and only one remains. At the screen they show the remaining participants :Matthew Belen,Roswell De Dumo,Francis De Ungria,Antonio Gabatin,Abdul Darapa,Glenn Perez,King Francisco,Clarisse Lim,Julia Basa,Sabina De Leon and Alyssa Gonzaga. Only 11 left. It means 25 died. More than half is gone.But I notice something I didn't even see Roswell did he make it all alone? If he did he then did he killed all most all of the 25. Because Antonio were following us only and Roswell is the only one that doesn't even have an alliance. That's what i heard from Antonio secretly. "The hunter I must find him." Also Antonio is finding food so Roswell must have food. "Guys I have a theory if we want food we need to find Roswell."

Roswell's POV

"Killed 20 10 to go." "What are those guys doing right now?" said Roswell. "Who should I kill first hmmmm? I think I'll hunt for the girls." suddenly he draw an X in a paper with the name of Clarisse,Julia,Sabina and Alyssa. "There so unlucky." said Roswell as he finds them.

Abiel's POV

"Nice theory their FM but are you really sure?" I said "Yes,yes I am." FM replied "Well then let's go now" said Justin. We venture to find Roswell and suddenly I stepped on a paper may papers "Wait up guys." "What is it?" said Justin. "It has a list of names of our classmates with X's in it only us and Antonio's alliance are the ones that did not have X's in it. I'll read it Target:Timmy Time:Afternoon 3rd Day Status:Killed Target:Jasper Time:Night 3rd Status:Killed there is a lot of them!" I said. "Is Roswell the one killing them?" said Justin. FM replied "My theory was right." "Wait the girls name are crossed Time:Afternoon 5th he must be hunting for the girls now this is bad we gotta go." said Abiel. Soon we go to the girls.

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