Stiles's POV

        I pace back and fourth inside Deaton's office. Everything has been going wrong. Aiden is dead and Jenny is barely even alive.

        " I knew it! I knew she should have stayed here, but she had to be her stubborn self and had to join.", I think to myself.

        We've all been here for hours, waiting for Deaton to tell us that Jenny will be okay. He won't allow us to be in there with him while he works with Jenny, which I understand but I just wish I was there to watch.

        " Stiles maybe you should go home and get some rest. You had a pretty rough day as well", Scott suggests.

        " No I can't, I have to stay here for Jenny", I say.

        " Well at least get some rest, I'll make sure to wake you up if anything happens", says Scott.

        I nod my head and try to get as comfortable as I can on a chair and try to get some rest.

Jenny's POV

        I'm at a funeral. I spot my friends each of them wearing a black outfit.

        " I wonder whose funeral it is?", I think to myself

        I walk closer to get a better look and to hear what they're saying. I walk to the front and see that Scott is now speaking.

        " She was an amazing person. We just clicked when we met. She always had my back and would literally do anything for her friends. I remember the time when I first learned about her dad, I didn't know what to think, do I trust her and forget that she's related to the enemy or do I just push her off to the side and pretend I was never friends with her. Well I made the best decision, I was still her friend and we soon became best friends. Thank you."

        " whoever he was referring to must've been an amazing person. It must be for Allison."

        Stiles walks up next. He has red, puffy eyes from crying.

        " I didn't just lose a friend. I lost a best friend, the person I could talk to about whatever and especially my other half. She was a stubborn person, but no one really cared because the only reason she was stubborn was to put her friends first before herself. She had a hard life. She lost all her family. She probably felt alone, sad, and she even blamed herself, but she would try not to show it. She was very close to me. I met her when it was her first day and immediately we just clicked. I made mistakes with her that I wished that never would've happened. It messed up our relationship and I just wish she was here. We all wish she was here. In a short amount of time Jenny impacted all of our lives and I thank her for impacting mine a lot. Thank you.

        " This is for me? Am I really dead? This can't be real. Maybe I should just accept that maybe it's my time."

Scott's POV

        I walk over to where Deaton is working on Jenny.

        " How is she?", I ask.

        " She's good I think she'll... what the hell", Deaton say looking at the heart monitor.

        " What? what's wrong?", I ask.

        " Her heartbeat it's slowing down.", Deaton says.

        " What! How's that possible I thought you said it was fine!", I say worryingly

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