I hauled the chest back to my living space.

"What the heck can be in here?" I muttered to myself.

I got up and walked over to the intercom.

"Room send message to Ezra Wells: "Come to my space quick weird chest left for me!"

Almost seconds later Ezra used the door bell.

I ran over opened the door and gestured to the chest

"What kind if parent would leave a chest to their daughter..?" Ezra scoffed.

"Ezra..no time for being a jerk."

"Right sorry."

"We need to get the lock open!" I ran over to my drawer and grabbed a butter knife.

"Okay we need to use this to pick the lock." I ordered.

"No dip Gwen.."

"I SAID NO JERKINESS!!" I screamed

"Right sorry lov-"

"Ezra shush and help me" I said with a wink.

Taking the knife, I forged it into the lock moving it around to find an opening.

After a decent amount of trying I heard a click and the lock fell off.

"YESS!!" I screamed with joy

"Open it! Inside could be some new clothes or ooh! a purse.." He said teasing.

I punched him playfully, "This is serious!"

I slowly lifted the lid off the chest.

"What is that Ezra?"

Inside was a golden sand dial.

"It's like a sand dial."

"Why would my parents leave me a sand dial.."

"Maybe they thought it was a cool decoration." But when he said that I could tell he was lying.

"Ezra Don't lie to me, You know why they gave me this don't you?"

"I really don't know!"

"Why are you so difficult.."

"Because I'm Ezra."


Hi Lovies!! EZRA KNOWS SOMETHING :o Any guesses ;)

Mia xxx

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