A cold Lie

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She told me that this was for the best

If I let her in my life then it's going to be a mess

I've been sitting here 4 days without any sleep or rest

What to do and what will happened next?

She was trying to protect me that's what she said

But the only thing she did was mess with my head

I stopped writing as I slowly crawled into bed

What would you have done differently instead?

I felt it coming as it fell from my eye,

I gazed up as I hopelessly looked at the sky,

Why did I like this girl or was it all a lie?

Either way the pain and the feeling I wanted to die.

I didn't get her at all

but I did remember that night when the rain fall

The girl who stole my heart like a jet

The Young and An Amazing Girl I Met (︶︹︺).

The End

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