Chapter 1: The beginning

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Alexis diary;

I visited the park me and Matt used to go to when we were like four years old. I remember when the mean girls used to push me off the swings and slides because I was Matt's best friend. Aha back then Matt was pretty popular even as a kid. Then Matt would help me up and yell at the girls

"Hey! Why'd you do that?! Say sorry" yelled Matt

"She has no right to be your best friend, she's a horrible person" the two girls argued.

"Well she's better than you guys" Matt said in a calm voice.

Then Matt would hug me and walk away. I had the hugest crush on him.. And ever since then

Matt's diary;

I remember when Alexis used to get bullied a lot at school.. I couldn't take seeing her in pain.. I guess you could say I had a big crush on her back then. Lol a little embarrassing since she's my best friend now. Actually she always was, just that were closer now. I remember this one time in 2nd grade the girls poured milk all over her shirt.

"HEY! WHY'D YOU DO THAT" Alexis yelled.

"You're stupid and you deserve it" yelled the two girls.

"You guys really can't get over it can you? Lets go Alexis." I demanded Alexis

After we left I gave her my sweat shirt which was big on her... Back then we used to say "eww girls has cooties" or " eww guys have cooties" aha how immature we can be.. I miss those times with Alexis they were the funniest.

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