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***matt's POV***

I took out a cigarette and lit it while drinking my Starbucks coffee. I started this once my younger sister, stopped talking to me. I'm not too sure what her name is but whatever. She hurt me too much. Once I left she said she would call me every day. HAH ya right. She didn't call me once. Well anyway Bart said he had a surprise girl coming in. It'll be nice to have a girl not fangirling over me as soon as they see me. I'll head over to the airport in 5 with the rest of the guys.

***laurens POV***

The plane landed and Cam grabbed my bags.

"Thanks Cam" I said.

"My queen, it's my pleasure", he said, joking around.

"Hah u excited?" I asked

"ya a little nervous too hah" he replied

When I got off the plane I saw a recognizable face. Just couldn't exactly figure out who the rest of him was.

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