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the story about me being blind isn't exactly a special one, nor was it anything extraordinary.

it just started at a rainy night. we were 17 and we were reckless, drunk and horny teenagers. and, we were driving home. I remember that Melissa, my dearest friend, was the one driving up front. we always trusted her in driving since she has the highest alcohol tolerance among our group. but I think, even Melissa had too much fun. she was driving recklessly, and we were too drunk to see it.

the next thing we know we hear the tires screech and glass breaking. then, I was unconscious. when I woke up, I couldn't see.

and that was my blindness story. that was all it'll ever be.

do I wish to go back in time and change it? yes

do I regret going to that party? kinda

do I wish I wasn't blind? sometimes yes, sometimes no.

sometimes yes because, well, who wants to be blind right? I mean, I miss being able to see my parents and my friends and my sister. and sometimes no, since the darkness was so comforting. sometimes I get lost in the darkness, and in all reality, I don't mind as much. that's the beauty of being blind, darkness doesn't become as scary anymore.

I bit my lip and shake my head "I am thoroughly convinced you're cheating Luke"

"what?! how can I cheat Everly you're my best friend" Luke says in mock horror. I roll my unseeing eyes.

"I asked if I had a letter g, you said no. I asked if I had a letter a, you said no. what do I not have any letters anymore?!"

my friend luke and I were playing a harmless game of scrabble. Luke was sick, too. I met him through my daily support group which my mother practically pushed me to go. the support group was full of people who were disabled, and had all kinds of sickness. Luke, for one, had only one eye. or so, he told me i mean, he could be lying. but then I became friends with him because I imagined him as someone who had an eye patch and that was pretty damn cool.

"you're cheating." I say and cross my arms "DONNA!"

"what?!" I hear my sister whine.

"come here for me?!"

"ugh fine"

Donna is my 3 year old petulant and spoiled sister. but any other way, I really love her. plus, she never lies and that came in handy when Luke and I are playing scrabble.

"you know Luke, if you stop cheating I might be sitting prettily on my room right now"

"I am not cheating!" Luke argued like a four year old, to a three year old.

"you have a g and an a sis." Donna said as she sat on my lap.

"put gamma on the board Donna" I say and kiss her temple.

I hear the wooden letters make contact with the board and Donna giggles "EVIE WINS!"

"oh come on" Luke groans and I giggle with Donna.

"I'm being double teamed that isn't fair"

"well you have an eye and I have Donna" I tell Luke as I give Donna a one dollar bill. she squeals and runs to her room.

"bribery, of course"

"its just a harmless game of scrabble luke!"

"it isn't exactly harmless if it hurts my ego" Luke whines.

I roll my eyes and take my cane as I stood up, feeling around for the kitchen "Luke would you be a doll and get me some leftover pizza I'm starving"

"no, no, no more pizza for you Everly. its getting late and you have support group"

"oh that" I cringe.

"go to sleep. Luke go home" my mom commands and i sigh. I pat around for Luke and once his hand met mine, I squeeze it and I smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow hemmo, good night"

"you too Evie" he squeezes my hand back and he lets go.

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