Chapter 2

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Heidi P.O.V.

" Thanks Khloe " i said getting out of the car and seeing the car running off. I turn around and see the big fucking mansion and I walk to the door and rang the bell. The door opens and see a girl kind of my age with a black and wait maid dress with some sandals ,she has long brown hair ,she has a similarity with Pocahontas"May I Help You?" she said smiling a bit. "Umm yeah I have a job interview with Mrs.McVey ?" i said "Oh you must be Heidi ,come on in" she said getting out of the door so I can pass. "Thank You " I said passing next to her . "Right This Way ,Heidi " she said walking pass me and she leading the way.This mansion is huge its so Beverly Hills style. I love it. We stopped at a door . " Wait here" she said and getting in the room. I wait for her till she came back. She left the room "You can get in ,good luck. By The way I'm Taylor " she said and walk quickly . I took a deep breathe  and get in and see a blonde high fashion like in the 40s on the desk looking at paper and then she look at me . "Oh Miss Watson sit please " she said with a British accent. She is British OMG . I sit like she said. " So Heidi why you want this job so badly " she said. "I want this job because I want help my parents ,since my sister doesn't do anything to help us". I said looking at her bright blue eyes. " Thats a good and great and explanation .Well Blondie you have the job . See you tomorrow at 10am" she said looking at my brown eyes. "Thank You ,Mrs.McVey" I said happily "Oh Please Call Me Vanessa" she said . "Alright I see you tomorrow Vanessa" I said getting up and walking to the door. "No problem ,Heidi. Have a good day and good luck tomorrow. " she said . I left the room and I saw Taylor walking up to me " Did you get the job?" she said "Yeah I did I start tomorrow at 10" I said smiling widely to her."OmG this is fucking amazing " she said hugging me . "Yeah I know , I better get going " I said letting of the hug. " Yeah and I should get back to work ,this house is huge " she said " Well go to do the house before its gets darker " I said smiling . "Yeah I should ,see you tomorrow ,doll" she said walking to another hall . Tomorrow I will know where everything is . I was walking to the main door when someone bumped and I fell on the floor. " Oh I'm sorry ,babe" that someone was a boy . When I see It was a boy in a quiff with blonde hair and and hazel eyes and perfect face. " Its OK and don't call me babe ,I'm not your babe" I said getting up. " Feisty I like it " he said . I rolled my eyes and start walking to the door. But he grabbed my hand and turn me so I can see him " what now?" I ask him " What's your name?" he said . " I'm Heidi Watson " I said firmly ." Cute , I'm James ,James McVey" he said. I haven't figured that out he has an hot British accent . Oh God I might die he is perfect in every way. Stop it Heidi. " Cool, I'm gonna work here so I see you around ,James" I said . " Haha OK I better go to ,to my range rover you know since I own it ",he said walking past me and winking at me. I rolled my eyes and following him. " Wait James!"I shout . He turns around " yeah?" he ask " could you give me ride to my place, since my sister is at work in El Paso" I ask walking up to him. " Yeah sure thing,getting in" he said walking to his seat and I walk to the passenger seat. I getting and put the seat belt on. " So where you live?" he said start the engine and turning to me . " I live Calabassas town  ,I know you are gonna ask why I want that job " I look at him and he keeps looking at the road and he just nods. " Well I. want this job to help my parents since my sister my older sister doesnt do shit and keeps getting the job to herself ,and well I want to help them . They been good parents and well Im wanna pay them for being a good people and parents " I said looking at the road . " Thats really good , you are at College right ?' he ask . I nod. " Me too but I change my concentration " he says . " Really why and what did you choose ?" I ask him. " Well because my dad wants me to be someone I'm not and we'll I change to music . I love music and is my baby Hahahaha " I laugh with him . " Just follow your dream ,James" I said to him . "Yeah I looking forward to it, so what are you studying ? " he ask . " I'm studying fashion design " I said " Thats awesome ,following your dream?" he ask " Totally, its that house " I said and then point at my house . He parks in front of it. " Well thanks ,James. It was nice of you ." I said trying to open the door . " James?" I said " yeah?" he says . "could you?....unlock the door " I said . " sure thing babe " he says and unlocks the door . I get out and turn around " see you tomorrow ?" he asks "of course " I said and close the door. I walk to my house and open the door,walk to my room and jump in my bed and fell asleep.

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